Iceland: 10 days itinerary

You will find in this article, a recommended itinerary of 10 days on Iceland. 

We spent two more nights later on in this hotel, it’s super basic so don’t expect much, but you can choose from different room types based on your needs, with a little kitchen to prepare your next morning tea or coffee and separated bathrooms, fair enough and great location with free parking spaces.

On Iceland, there plenty of things to do. You can just check here all the plans and activities and choose yours.

Akuyeri from Reykjavik

2nd & 3rd days: we spent 2 nights in Akureyri, which is approx 400 km driving from Reykjavik. The best option for an Iceland tour on your own is definetely by car.

Akuyeri is Iceland’s second largest city. A super cute and romantic tiny town, and basically you can visit it all in one afternoon. But there are many things to do and visit around. E.g. Mývatn Hot Spring and the Mývatn lake

We have booked a room in Hotel Akureyri upfront, lovely location, superb breakfast, indeed a cute a place to stay.

“If you ever need to be reminded of the goodness that exists in the world, a quick stop to the town of Akureyri is sure to do the trick. All over the town are hearts — in the red of the stoplights, in the windows of shops and houses; one huge heart even appears on the side of Mt. Vaðlaheiði.” 



4th day: we went to Gullfoss, 300 km driving from Akureyri and we did some part of the famous Golden Circle route and visited:

  • Gullfoss waterfall, must have
  • Grand gejzír (it’s not working anymore for many years) & Strokkur gejzír (it actually does, in every 4–6 minutes you can see it in action)

We spent this night in the middle of the nowhere, literally, in a Guesthouse halfway between Sellfoss and Gullfoss


5th day: we went back to Reykjavik again (120 km driving from Gullfoss). You can go back to Reykjavik via Hveragerði town, there are free hot springs and a Geothermal park or another geothermal bath you can find in this area is in Laugarvatn called Fontana. In a trip to Iceland you should not skip a proper visit to Reykjavik.

Also on our way, we have visited the famous Bridge between the continents, approx 1 hour driving from Reykjavik

Welcome 🙂

Snæfellsnes peninsula

6th day: we spent 1 night on the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

The Snæfellsnes peninsula is 160 km from Reykjavik on the West and the Snæfellsjökull glacier, also, the famous Kirkjufell Mountain are located here too



7th day: we spent in Vik, at Hotel Katla, a lovely spot with the above mentioned hot tub. Near Vik, there are amazing things to see:

We brought back home three little stones


8th & 9th days: we spent around Höfn area, super calm and not much to see, but if you read carefully, actually there are many things to do.

On the way from Vik to Höfn worth to stop at Jökulsárlon, it’s approx. 3 hours driving from the Black Sand Beach


There are 5–6 great restaurants in Höfn, all of them are focused on seafood and proudly serving their fresh langoustines, the only worry was that they close around 9 pm in the evening, so Z Bistro became our favorite quickly as they stayed open longer, till 11:00 pm 🙂 but the food was indeed super delicious, and comes with a very friendly crew, highly recommended.


10th day: back to Keflavik airport (400 km from Jökulsárlon)

Thanks for reading and if you need any further advice with your travel plan to Iceland, please feel free to contact us 🙂

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