What I’ll really miss from Warsaw

Kind of a personal Warsaw to-do-list, if you are visiting the city!

I loved biking here, the riverbank and the bike ride along the river especially from Most Gdanski till Cud nad Wisla, I made this trip uncountable times and having very nice memories, especially from summertime, which is actually really nice in Warsaw. Kind of 25–28 degrees during the day, so not crazy warm but very sunny, the days are long, and the riverbank is full with bars open during the day and night too, and where you can just stop by with your bike and have a break.


Warszawianka 🙂 where I was swimming for years, the smell of the swimming pool, and its sauna world, not super modern, actually very classic and basic. I liked the atmosphere, the several numbers of different saunas, that it has the same crew for all these years and greeted us upfront. During Polish winters if I was freezing cold, or just wanted to relax, the answer was always sauna. Of course, there are much cooler and more modern saunas in Warsaw, and of course, I visited those places too (e.g.: Sante) but somehow I didn’t become a loyal member anywhere else besides Warszawianka.

Volleyball on Monta beach

Volleyball on Monta beach during summer weekends. We played as an international group of people, basically every weekend someone new showed up, and the focus was not necessarily on the game, rather just on the having fun part. I also remember many Sunday volleyball sessions when I was just sunbathing with a beer in my hand and watching the others playing while trying to survive from Saturday night hangover 🙂 But still, the atmosphere, the group of international people, randomly meeting and playing, was a super nice idea.

The roof garden of the Library on Droga street

I always felt there like I’m in a movie. So nice view on the river, beautiful greenery and little paths to walk around, with super cute benches to sit down to think about life, dream, read or write, or just talk with someone.

The view from the Bell Tower of the St. Anna Church.

For a small fee, you can climb the steps of the church’s free-standing bell tower. The elevated viewing platform affords panoramic views of Warsaw.

When clouds are sparse, glimpses of the smaller towns beyond the city. I think it has the best view of this city, much better .vs e.g. the Palace of Culture.


I had my favorite bars and restaurants too, where I just simply liked to go, and if you are visiting the city.

These places are indeed worth to give a try:

  • Wine bar of Mielzynski, who has Hungarian wine selection too! And this place simply doesn’t feel like Warsaw. It has a nice garden, cute view on a church, and somehow isolated from the rest of the city.
  • And right next to it, Sakana Sushi, where a special sushi roll was named after my friend, what she kept ordering.
  • The Vegan Ramen Shop on the other side of the Wisla.
  • Na Lato during summer nights, when you feel like dancing till the morning.
  • The Alchemist, where I celebrated many birthdays…
  • Tuk-tuk, where I have only tried one single dish and since the first time I kept ordering the same, but apparently the rest of the menu is great too!
  • I did the same ‘mistake’ with Thaisty, and its vege-miso, I know it’s my bad, but I don’t mind at all 🙂 I’m not a fan of Polish cuisine, so please don’t expect anything Polish here from me.
  • But if you want to taste pierogi and experiment with different flavors, just go to Zapiecek, they have several restaurants around the city and actually looks super nice and traditional. I always brought here my friends and family if they were visiting me in Warsaw. But the best pierogi I have ever tried here was obviously homemade by my friend’s mum.

Mad dogs

Wsciekly Pies (mad dog) in a Pijalnia or at Pawilony, hahaha, you must try this 🙂 It’s a vodka shot, with raspberry syrup, and Tabasco, that actually keeps the syrup from being too sweet. It’s just a perfect mix if you want to warm yourself up!

…and this cocktail, based on Calvados and paired with pear, check it out at Bar and Books 😉

…and above all: those friends with whom I experienced all these things.

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