BBB: Best Brunch in Barcelona

A personal list of 8 best brunch places in Barcelona based on our taste and preferences. 😋

1) Let’s start with a B then: Belliny, close to Urgell. I was not looking for this place, no one recommended, I didn’t know that it exists at all. I was just walking close to Urgell on a gloomy and chilly day (no worries it is rare in Barcelona☀️) and suddenly I looked up and their menu was in front of me – as it’s hang outside the entrance door 😉 and honestly, I couldn’t walk further as I seriously needed to stop to be able to read the long list of the different eggs benedict options. I was amazed, like “wow I was looking for such a place for quite a time.” Many different versions, vegetarian and vegan options, a very well thought and mouthwatering menu. Beautiful design and friendly staff. Highly recommended!

Bellini Restaurant

2) Ugot Bruncherie, on Viladomat. You just need to take a look on the below menu and you’d immediately realize that you definitely want to visit this place and come back after again and again. The list of the eggs, the list of Shakshuka, the list of French toast, yummy. Not to mention their cakes, they look like a piece of art. And I think I tasted here the best ever matcha latte in my life, and the bars were high 😉 So net-net if you want to enjoy an amazing, high quality brunch with super cool and well thought interior design with flamingo wallpapers 😍 it’s your place!

What a perfect menu 😋

3) Cuba de Janiero on Avenida Mistral. This place is an interesting combination of different cultures and the result is a fusion menu, with Cuban coffee and Brazilian flavors and the crew is dressed in Hawaii shirts 🌸. Their location and their terrace are simply great, even if you skip the brunch just for having a vermut. 😉

Cuba de Janeiro y Amar 😍

4) Bing Bing Café at Urquinaona. It’s a classic, with a classic brunch menu with vegan options and cute interior design. We tried eggs benedict with avocado and the another with Jamón, paired with matcha lattes, no complains at all, it’s super tasty, nice serving, and overall it’s a great place to visit in the heart of the city.

Perfect spot for studying over a delicious breakfast 🤓

5) Tumatey on Avenida Diagonal. I wouldn’t call it a typical brunch place, and it’s super tiny, only with couple of tables, but actually they are serving the best food that you could desire, if you are not that much into eggs and dairy products, and rather more interested in vegan and gluten free options, they have a great menu for that. Mainly about Arepas, Venezuelan fast food, and delicious smoothies. I tried Arepa with black beans stuffing and vegan cheese, on a carrot and pumpkin base, wow! Highly recommended! 😋 Not to mention that the crew is super friendly and the service is great. 😍

Vegan & Gluten free Arepa 😋
We 😍 Arepa

6) Böl on Enric Granados! Overall I love Eixample neighborhood and especially Enric Granados street, so picturesque the street itself and it’s packed with better and better bars, bistros, cool restaurants and brunch places. The only downside is that it becomes more and more popular so sometimes it’s very difficult to find a table, especially in the evenings and during the weekends. Anyhow I was accidentally walking around Böl, and lucky enough to find a free table, so finally decided to give it a try and I was not mistaken, it’s a tiny place with organic, mainly vegetal menu, healthy bowls and superfood ingredients!! 🌱

Chai Latte at Böl
Böl – Cute and cozy 😊

7) Casa do Açaí on Av. de Roma. Well, regardless I have bad memories from this place (my purse was stolen inside this café, from right next to me during the day on a simple weekday, while we were having brunch… without anyone from the place could have noticed it… of course it’s not the fault of this place and they were super helpful with the police, security camera and so on… but just a watch out – I think the place looks too cool, lot of tourists are coming here, could be an easy target for pickpockets and thiefs), the food, the overall menu, the latte art, the interior design, the terrace, the waiters – all is super cool, delicious and very nice, you should just take a look on the below pictures!!😋

Grilled salmon poke bowl & eggs benedict with 🥑
Açaí & Matcha lattes 🌸

8) Santa Anita, on Consell de Cent in the heart of Eixample.

Santa Anita from outside

Luckily the weather was good enough to sit outside on this day, but the place is super cute from the inside too. Nothing fancy, but it has a very cozy atmosphere.

Cute & cozy

We have tried their eggs benedict – what else?! 🙃 They are serving it in a bagel, and on their menu there are other bagel 🥯 variants available too, not to mention the sweet and salty pancake selections.

Yummy 😋

This list is not in order of preference and not to mention that there are so many other places to try too. If you recommend any other brunch place in Barcelona, please share it in the comment section, we’ll go happily to taste and post it!! 😋

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