Un día de lluvia en Barcelona – part 1.

Aka a rainy day in Barcelona, to rephrase Woody Allen. 🤓

Just because I woke up today for the heavy rain, it couldn’t mean that I’m spending the entire day at home. Barcelona has so much to offer even on a rainy day, besides the obvious. 😉

I. First, some culture and history, let’s visit Plaça de Sant Felip Neri

I read about this square a lot, and for a long time I wanted to visit, and even though it’s located in the heart of the city, still today I was not able to do so. Plaça de Sant Felip Neri is a tiny square in the Gothic quarter, very near to the Cathedral, in the middle of some narrow streets, built in medieval Baroque style. The square got its name after the Sant Felip Neri Church, located in the square.


Next to the church there is a school, Escola Sant Felip Neri. The kids of the school are using the square as playground, and in the center of the square you can find a fountain, dedicated as a symbol of life.

The history of the square is very sad, in 1938 during the Spanish Civil War, Francisco Franco besieged the city of Barcelona. One of the bombs fell on the church, killing 30 people, most of them were children from the school. While the people were pulling the survivors out a second bomb fell on the square killing additionally 12 people.

The evidence of the explosions can be still seen on the cracked walls of the church.

No one was on the square when I arrived, so had the chance to take some nice pictures. Even though it’s very close to the most touristic area of Barcelona, very few people know about this square!

If you walk around nearby, you can find many beautiful medieval buildings to visit, I mean, it’s really worth just to be lost in the Gothic.

II. Then, let’s eat something warm and tasty 😋 We chose a Vietnamese place, what else in Barcelona, hah? 😉

Bun Bo Barcelona

Bun Bo Barcelona, oh how good it was. If you desire something warming, filling and really tasty on a rainy day, and you are not into Ramen at the very moment, I would really recommend this place. They have another place in Raval too, so it’s on my list to visit too. They have a limited menu, but it’s perfect like that, you can still choose out of many meatless options too. Also they are providing menu del día for a reasonable price.

Pho gá 😋

P.S.: … and don’t forget to try their Tapioca pudding with banana! 😋

III. Let’s close the day with an amazing chai latte at Giulietta Café. I have been this place several times and from time to time I’m coming back, it’s so cute, cozy with a very friendly staff. They are located very close to Plaça Tetuan, and on a sunny day with a lovely terrace outside, but it’s really worth to get in, and admire their cake and speciality coffee selection.



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