Caminito, caminito, caminito Boca Juniors! A colorful and lively street museum, a traditional alley, with lot of colorful houses, brightly painted walls, local art shops and vivid bars. It means little walk, little path in Spanish. It’s located in La Boca, a famous neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The place acquired cultural significance because it inspired the music for the famous tango “Caminito“.

It’s a rare moment, when it’s possible to capture theses streets with no tourists 😉

You can find step instructions painted on the street, kind of quick guide how to dance tango! I’m not saying I’m a pro after that, but it’s definitely funny at least to try to follow the drawn steps. 😁


Among sports fans, La Boca neighborhood is best known for being the home of world-renowned football club Boca Juniors. The club plays their home matches in the Estadio Alberto J. Armando, popularly known as La Bombonera (Spanish for “the bonbon box“).

La Bombonera, the “12” is representing the fans of Boca Juniors, and it’s the name of their sport and social association

If you are visiting the stadium, it’s really worth to buy the tickets with having the museum tour included. Especially if you are football fan, you will be amazed by their hall of fame section!

La Bombonera from the outside

“La Boca neighborhood is anyhow a popular destination for tourists visiting Argentina, with its colourful houses and pedestrian street, the Caminito, where tango artists perform and tango-related memorabilia is sold. Other attractions include the La Ribera theatre, many tango clubs and Italian taverns.

It’s a short walk between the stadium and the Caminito, full of local bars, and sport souvenirs

The actual area visited by tourists is only a few blocks long and has been built up for tourism very actively over the last few years, with many market stalls and restaurants catering to tourists. Outside this tourist area, it is a fairly poor neighborhood that has had many regular occurrences of crimes reported.

Not all the houses are renovated or repainted, it’s overall a fairly poor neighborhood

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