6 formas de bañarse al aire libre en São Miguel, Azores

Maia Besides the Obvious

Bañarse en São Miguel al aire libre viene a ser como marcarse un selfie con los elementos. Antes de informarnos pensábamos en las Azores como un archipiélago lejano, a medio camino entre Europa y América que caía demasiado lejos de la tierra firme de Portugal como para parecérsele. Y allí donde había islas pensamos que …

One week on the ‘Green Island’ – São Miguel, Açores

Sao Miguel Azores

Nature at its best, this is how I could briefly summarize our experience on São Miguel island in Açores. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHI0Hh2Pu4I Even though January is considered there as off-season, and we haven’t seen the famous Hortensia flowers in full bloom... and the fact that the island is indeed tiny, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and influenced …

The Raven’s route. Out of the common paths in Boa Vista, Cabo Verde


Cabo Verde is a diverse archipelago; each island is different. And Boa Vista, even after having crossed it through its roads, paths and out of every known track, is still difficult for me to define. It is authentic in the sense that it has its own life apart from tourism, but tourism is still an …

The Garota who moved from Ipanema to Copacabana. Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro?

ipanema-at-sunset Besides the Obvious

Before going I had a concrete idea about what to expect from and where to stay in Rio de Janeiro. Definitely that didn't fit to real Rio. I expected a vivid city full of tourists and caipirinhas everywhere feeding capoeira dancers, brown-skin volleyball players and smug surfers as a part of a fake background. We …

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