My favourite Liverpool

What were the places we visited when we went to this fantastic English city? Liverpool is a big city. It is the historic Beatles’ city. They are one of the city symbols and just at the airport, there is a good representation of their song Yellow Submarine

Welcome announcement sign at Liverpool’s passport control. UK, even though it was still part of the European Union last May, was not part of the Schengen area so passport control had to be done anyway.

So that city is a good place for music lovers. If you would like to know more about The Beatles, The Cavern is a must for you. You should visit it because this is the place where The Beatles started to stand out in their beloved Liverpool

For football lovers, Liverpool is also a good city. It has two stadiums of two eternal rivals separated only for a very green and nice park, good even to take a walk around. Those two stadiums are in the Everton neighborhood.

And if anyone doesn’t know these two stadiums are the very singular Goodison Park and the mythic Anfield stadium.  

Talking about the city besides the music of football we can say that Liverpool city is a singular place for its beach. Into Liverpool territory, it’s not allowed to swim but you can cross a bridge upon Mersey River and swim in a beach of the next town in front. The port is my favorite peace in town to have a good experience.

In its promenade, you can admire the Royal Liver Building which is, besides The Beatles, one of the city symbols.  

In Chinatown, there is a big and spectacular Chinese gate, very nice-made, and the streets are very beautiful too but we have to admit that it is a very small territory.  

Chinatown’s entrance gate

Very near to China Town, there is Liverpool’s Cathedral which is very big and nice and there inside you can watch a video that explains how the cathedral was built. 

This city has a modern center but you can’t watch English traditional houses till you reach the surroundings. All around, we moved principally by bus and walking so we could have a quite complete vision of the city and its very different neighborhoods. 

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