The church of the Sacred Heart or in Catalan: Església del Sagrat Cor de Vistabella is a modernist church in the village of Vistabella, in Tarragona province. This modernist church of Vistabella was declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest by agreement of the government in 2011. A protective environment was also delimited to ensure the correct visualization of the monument.

The history of the church

The church of the Sacred Heart was built in 1923 by the modernist architect Josep Maria Jujol. The work was constructed by the inhabitants of the village and it was inaugurated in 1923. The paintings in the apse were destroyed during the Spanish Civil War and repainted by Josep Maria Jujol’s daughter.

About its architecture

The modernist church of Vistabella was projected and constructed like a unique ship of square plant centered in the axis the east-west diagonal where the altar is located to an end and in the other, the entrance porch. The walls are made of covered stone masonry with a Catalan vault supported by a transept of two high parabolic brick arches that are supported on the exterior walls and on a pillar structure also made of stone. This central structure is complemented by the perimeter secondary vaults. Jujol did not limit himself to designing the architecture and structure of the building but, with his knowledge as a teacher at the School of Arts and Crafts, he designed all the decorative elements and furniture, such as the paintings, doors, railings, lamps, grilles, chandeliers, etc.

State of conservation

The church is heavily affected by a moisture problem. In 2009, when the square surrounding the church was redeveloped, the number of water leaks in the wall increased, severely affecting the murals, the plaster stucco, and the paintings. Therefore for a long time, the church was not opened for visitors. We were very lucky recently when during the renovation process we were able to get in for a short visit out of record and see the current state of the renovation.

How to get there

Vistabella or on its full name: Vistabella del Camp is a village of 148 inhabitants and located north-west of the municipality of La Secuita, in the province of Tarragona.

  • You can get there from Tarragona: on N240 in 19 minutes
  • From Barcelona: on C32 and AP7 in 70 minutes
  • From Reus: on TV 7211 in 20 minutes

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Where to stay

It is worth knowing that the size of the village is indeed tiny, so if you would like to spend the night nearby, you need to look around in the neighboring villages. Our top choices are the followings & now you can book them with a 20% discount on using this code:

  1. Hotel Peralta for couples – It is only 4 km from Vistabella and you can book it directly here.
  2. Hotel Avenida El Morell – Also not far, only 5 km from Vistabella and you can book it directly here.
  3. Casa Rural Cal Josefina – It’s a typical rural house, located 7 km from Vistabella, and you can book it directly here.

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