Alquézar with its breathtaking views

Alquézar with its breathtaking views is one of the bests tourist assets in the north of Spain. The town is cute and small. It is very worth walking around and getting lost in its cobblestone streets. 

Alquézar is located in the Somontano wine region of Huesca, close to the city of Huesca, i a mountain range parallel to the Pyrenees. The town lays into an impressive limestone landscape which the Vero river is still shapping. The river created over time an incredible canyon for canyoning, cliffs impressive, rock art caves which is perfect for sport activities or just to hike around in nature. 

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A bit of history

The origin of the Arab fortification of the 9th century and it was commissioned by Jalaf ibn Rasid, on the occasion of the fights against the Carolingians who occupied the county of Sobrarbe. Therefore, visiting Alquézar, we jump into a proper historic town. In 1064, after the taking of Barbastro by King Sancho Ramírez, the fortress passed into Christian hands and a military garrison and a religious community came for staying. It was that time when the inhabitants constructed several buildings, some of them remarkable for military and religious purposes.

In Alquézar we can visit some parts of the wall, the lower part of the bell tower, the albarrana tower, and the remains of the chapel of Santa María Magdalena from the Romanesque period. Besides that, Iglesia de San Miguel, Colegiata de Santa Maria la Mayor and Plaza Mayor de Ayerbe are also stunning. 

Its majestic Collegiate Church Santa Maria la Mayor is officially a National Monument since 1931. Besides that, the medieval architecture and layout of its urban area have been a Historic-Artistic Site since 1982. However, what is really interesting there are the open views from one side of the village to the opposite side of it. 

From Alquézar, it is easy to find some lookout points for where to admire either the most breathtaking views in the north of Spain. Either to admire the opposite side of the town either to admire nature. 

How to get to Alquézar

By Car

  • From Zaragoza, it is a 121 km trip and 1h 20 minutes. The route is E7 to Huesca, A-22 to Lascellas and A-1229 to Alquézar.
  • From Barcelona, it is a 246 km trip and 2h 30 minutes. The route is A-2 to Lleida, A-22 to Monzón, N-123 to Barbastro and A-1232 to Alquézar. 

By Bus

  • Unfortunately, the best option to arrive to Alqézar by Bus is to reach Lacellas from Huesca with Alosa – Avanzabus and continue by taxi.
  • The taxi can be busy. It is from 40 to 50 euros per ride. Definitely, to get there by car is the best option.

What to visit in Alquézar with its breathtaking views

Colegiata de Santa Maria la Mayor

Castle-Collegiate Church of Santa Maria la Mayor is located at the top of a rocky ridge. It is possible to access by stairs and admire the double crenellated walls and towers. Within its monumental complex, its Church and cloister built between the 16th and 18th centuries stand out, with great artistic wealth for its architecture and altarpieces.

Colegiata de Santa Maria la Mayor, Alquézar

Iglesia de San Miguel

The Parish Church of San Miguel Arcángel began to be built in 1681 and it was finished in 1708.

It is a work of a popular character in which the robustness and sobriety makes it difficult to guess that it is a Baroque building. However, the interior seems very rich in decoration and stylish details.   

Iglesia de San Miguel, Alquézar

Plaza Mayor Don Rafael Ayerbe

In the heart of the town of Alquézar, there is the old Plaza Mayor, today called Mosén Rafael Ayerbe. It is a beautiful and secluded arcaded square, with bars that fill it  with terraces under the arcades. In 1528, Carlos V approve the square to be the location of a weekly market. This fact allowed Alquézar to start a new stage of splendor and flourishing.

Where to stay?

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  • Hotel Boutique Maribel: The decoration and the comfort stands out. This is an adults-only option so if you plan a romantic stay it can be your best choice.

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