Visit Tapolca, the authentic unspoiled Hungarian vibe

To visit Tapolca is a great idea since it is a cozy, welcoming, cheap and cute town. It is an unspoiled and beautiful place in Hungary. Just because of that nobody should miss it. In this article you will find what to expect of this town and how you can enjoy the nearby spots. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you there! 

What to expect from Tapolca 

This is an innocent town. To visit tapolca means some culture and relaxation. The town has two main tourist attractions which are the Lake Cave and Malom-tó, a beautiful urban pond.

A complete itinerary to visit Tapolca

It is a good idea to visit Tapolca starting by Fő tér, the main square. This is actually more like a street than a square which is interesting because of the colourful buildings around it. There, it is possible to admire “Kiskirálylány“, the Little Princess Statue, and “Szentháromság-szobor“, the Holy Trinity Statue.

After that, you can go to Lake cave and take a look at the Synagogue. From there you can take the way to Malom Lake. On the other side of the lake there is a famous mill and some churches around such as Tapolca Romjai, Nagyboldogasszony-templom or Tapolcai Római Katolikus Plébániahivatal

From the mill you will be able to follow the Tapolca stream enjoying the calm vibe of the park around. And if you want to learn more about the town, just take a look at the City Museum, which can be found very close to the mill.

Our favorites to visit Tapolca

Lake cave

The lake cave is in the very center of Tapolca. If you arrive by car you will be able to park easily next to it. Watch out! To park on the street is not free, so look for a street parking meter. This is a subterranean lake that shapes a 3km long cave system.  

You can explore this geologic gem on your own or as part of a guided tour. If Covid-19 allows, you will receive 3D glasses to enjoy the views of some of the cave’s deepest sights. You will also have the chance to watch a 10-minute long audiovisual documentary to learn more about the origins of the cave and the surrounding landscapes.

At the end of the tour, you will enjoy the best part of the show. You will go underground and jump on a small boat to row on the subterranean lake and explore the cave system. Believe me, this is not only perfect for kids!

The admission fee is 2.500 HUF for adults, 2.200 with any discount and cheaper prices for kids depending on the age in 2021. Check here on the official site all the updated information

Malom Lake

This is probably one of the most romantic corners you have never heard about before. Colourful, cute, clean and at the perfect size for a passionate kiss or a selfie. That is up to you! It has some very nice restaurants around and the beautiful Hotel Gabriella has a view to the lake.   

On one of the streams of the lake, there is the famous mill. The combination of the houses’ colours, the reflection of the water and the mill makes the perfect picture for instagram. There, at the mill, it starts a water stream and a cosy park to take a stroll.

How to get to Tapolca

It is possible to get to Tapolca directly by bus with Volanbusz from Budapest, just for 7 euros in 3 hours. 

You can get there directly from Budapest by train. The trip is around a bit more than 3 hours long. Even though, you could travel with some comfort. 

For those who prefer the car, just say that it is very easy to rent one in Budapest and take the advantage of the freedom this option provides.    

It is easy to park even close to the main spots mentioned in this article. 

Where to stay 

In Tapolca you have many nice accommodations. There are options for all the budgets. In general, Tapolca is not an expensive city to stay so it can be a perfect base to explore the surroundings. Our biggest favourite and most romantic spot around all Tapolca is undoubtedly Hotel Gabriella, click here to check it out.

What to see and do nearby when you visit Tapolca

Why to visit Tapolca

  • To row in a natural underground cave
  • A romantic dinner at the mill pond
  • Take a stroll in very beautiful urban parks
  • Discover an unspoiled beautiful town
  • Catch the vibe of the real Hungary
  • Take advantatge of the nice nearby castles: Szigliget, Sümeg and Keszthely
  • To go in a short drive to Lake Balaton
  • It is very close to Kapolcs Art Valley

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