These mistakes during an airport security check – that we are going to list here – are super easy to avoid. With a bit of preparation and careful thinking even an unexperienced traveller could be less annoying for their most frequent traveller buddies. If you would like to avoid the unpleasant moments when all passengers behind you are impatiently waiting, not to mention all the crowding, cursing crowd behind you, it’s worth taking these 5 excellent pieces of advice.

We arrive unprepared to the airport security check

  • We won’t get far if we don’t prepare our flight documents. Always have your identity card or, if necessary, your passport, and your boarding pass. Even if it is stored digitally on your phone.
  • For online check-in, be sure to complete the process no later than 24 hours before departure.
  • If you are preparing for a longer absence, please check the expiration date of your personal documents. Do so whether the validity period meets the requirements of the destination country.
  • During a pandemic, it’s also worth paying attention to what other papers you might still need. Before the day of departure, obtain, print and complete the required documents and QR codes as necessary. Make sure whether a PCR or antigen test is required to enter the country, or whether being vaccinated is enough.

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We don’t give enough time for ourselves

ThereIt is not a coincidence that airlines ask us to arrive at the airport ideally 2-3 hours before take-off. Especially if you are not used to travelling or you are at an airport you haven’t visited before. Not to mention the current situation with COVID-19 measure and limitations. You can spend a lot of time queueing, waiting, presenting your passports or other travel documents. But the good news is that the traffic in the terminals is slowly returning. More and more flights are being launched all over the world, including the domestic low-cost airlines. As a result, the traffic at the airports will increase even more. Therefore, if we do not leave ourselves enough time to check in and screen, we can easily miss the plane.

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We don’t pack systematically into our suitcase

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to throw our stuff into our hand luggage, without thinking ahead what we need to pack out and what we can leave inside during the airport security check.

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  • When we arrive at the security gate, we are forced to search for belongings. That, as a rule, must be placed in a separate compartment or nylon bag. This can cause a lot of annoyance to those waiting behind us. To avoid this, it’s worth thinking ahead and putting your electronic devices as well as previously separated cosmetic products on top of your bag. So we only have to get them out during the screening, and the line can move on.
  • Also, make sure that according to the rules, what is in your checked baggage and what you are required to store in our hand luggage.

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We wear inappropriate clothing

Screening can be crazily time consuming if we wear different accessories, jewelleries, fashion belts, high-heels and so on. Even if we need to arrive at the destination as per a given dress-code, we don’t need to travel in it, especially we don’t need to wear it during the airport security check. We just make a complete fool out of ourselves and we will look extremely ridiculous.

All of your necessary accessories you can apply or add on you upon arrival. All the rest – which are really necessary we can pick in advance based on the rule: we should always choose for travelling the cloths that are the easiest to remove. If we are aware of this in advance, we can prepare before it is our turn at the gate. We can quickly take off our belt and (flat!) shoes on time, or even better, just choose a closed, simple half-shoe for the trip. You don’t need boats for the airplane.

We carry prohibited articles at the airport security check

There are an alarming number of passengers who often pack a lot of stuff in their hand luggage that they should not carry on board. These people can slow down the line a lot. If the system signals, a customs and finance guard will have to open the bag and scan its contents. This is also a concern in the current period because it is important to reduce personal contact due to the pandemic. Be sure to find out before your trip exactly what can be carried in your hand luggage and what is prohibited. Just for your kind information: the list of prohibited goods are always listed on your boarding pass too!

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