Where not to travel in your 20s

This is a personal list about where not to travel in your 20s. Everybody knows there are some best things for every age. Even though some of the destinations on this list could be amazing for older persons, they probably won’t be your favorite places before your 30’s. In addition, maybe you would desire to go to a concrete destination but you are not aware about some of the facts that could advise against your choice. To help you, here are our 10 places not to travel before your 30’s.  


Singapore is a huge metaphor for capitalism. There in town, once I heard from a local that your colleagues ask the amount of your salary before your name when you meet them. Probably, that was not true but in my opinion, for a regular young tourist, Singapore is a very limiting place.

There is not much more to do there than shopping or family plans. Singapore is terribly expensive, especially alcohol and many things are forbidden, some of them on a logic hard to understand.  That’s why Singapore is on our list of places where not to travel in your 20s.


Culturally, Iran is an amazing country. For fun is a place where not to travel in your 20s. That is obvious besides the nonsense US countries blacklist. Nevertheless, since it is an Islamic Republic local authorities insanely forbid almost everything, especially what is related to fun. Besides alcohol, obviously forbidden, it is hard to find a proper coffee shop and even something to eat on the go. Once you are in your 30s it can be an awesome adventure to travel to Iran. Meanwhile this time comes there are much more fun destinations.  

Cappadocia, Turkey 

This is a very beautiful destination for couples and for senior tourism. There are a lot of retired people on vacation and the services are adapted to this audience. It can be a nice idea not to disturb each other and get somewhere else to enjoy your precious youth.  


Brunei is beautiful and glamorous in the center of its capital. People live a nice and easy life there. Petrol is cheap and people seem happy until they start an honest conversation with a foreigner. The main rule on what the laws are based is the Islamic Sharia. That means that our concept of fun is far away from being officially understood and allowed. There are plenty of bars and restaurants and although the sale of alcohol is completely prohibited in Brunei, visitors can import up to two liters of alcoholic substance or up to 12 cans of beer into the country every 48 hours. Nevertheless, you must first acquire a permit to drink. Yes, alcohol is not a must to have fun but there are no alcohol free parties around either.   

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Of course you can have fun in Iceland. Nevertheless, Iceland is a country with extreme weather conditions that requires decent accommodations and conseqüently a budget accordingly. We are speaking about one of the most expensive countries in the world, including food. Therefore, you can go and have a wonderful time. This could be the experience of your life but get ready to spend all your savings and getting bloody bankrupted. 

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Padang, Indonesia

Indonesia is a very diverse Muslim country. Not all the more than five thousand islands of Indonesia are Bali. The view of Padang’s worn out roofs is amazing and many surfers go there because of the nearby beaches and waves. I chose Padang once to get into the unknown and I found a tourist free town with some hotels and many options to go to isolated calm bays. Maybe in your 20 you are lucky there, since they have the assets and some infrastructure. Otherwise, calm would mean boring for you. Definitely a place to in mind where not to travel in your 20s.


This is a dream for culture lovers. A country full of history and adventure. Actually, this is a misleading option on our list. It could be an unbelievable choice at any age if you have a plan. Maybe you would want to cross the country with a SUV, maybe you are studying the ancient Silk Road at the University. Otherwise, going there just to try your odds may be disappointing.  


We cannot say that Kyrgyzstan is a boring country. It is naturally beautiful and people are very friendly and welcoming. You must know though that around 60% of the population is nomadic and they live in isolated rural cabins or in mobile yurts. A tour around the country can be an amazing adventure you will enjoy in the future. In your 20s, you better choose something more urban. 

Agra, India 

Agra is famous for having the Taj Mahal. That means a very spoiled place for couples on honeymoon and similar romantic activities. This is quite funny since Agra itself is a quite challenging city, quite dirty, noisy and with some avoidable discomforts.

In addition, Agra is known for being one of the most religious cities in the world. Fun would be just circumscribed to your hotel. Good enough to be on any list about where not to travel in your 20s.    

Lalibela, Ethiopia

Lalibela is one of the most amazing places on earth and the best known Ethipian tourist destination. Even so, there is not much to do there besides to explore the amazing set of rock-hewn churches. Celebrations and special days in Lalibela has to do with Christian events and remarkable dates. You will have time in the future for culture in capital letters.  

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  1. I actually found Kathmandu funny in my 20’s. Many backpackers around and besides its amazing local lifestyle and the impressive landscape nearby… you could trek and party. I would definetely recommend it to young travellers.

  2. usfman – South Florida – I accomplished a rewarding career as a teacher and professor for 28 years.No more daily lesson plans now frees my curious mind to experience life on my own terms now.
    usfman says:

    How might you rank Kathmandu according to the standards of this list?

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