A hidden gem in Godauda, Sri Lanka

Sri Sumanarama Viharaya Temple is a Buddhist complex in Godauda, Southern Province in Sri Lanka. It is located in between Tangalle and Matara. If you follow the coastal road, you might notice it as it has a giant Buddha statue. This is exactly how we ended up here. We were on our way from Tangalle to Mirissa with our tuk-tuk, when suddenly just right next to the road we noticed this giant temple complex. It’s not included in any travel guides, nor reviews, neither travel blog posts, even it’s hard to get any information about it in English.

But since we stopped, and received a very nice welcome and a tour guide by a local monk, we decided to share this unknown gem with our readers. So let’s see, why it’s worth to visit Sri Sumanarama Viharaya Temple.

Why to visit Sri Sumanarama Viharaya Temple

  • You can see here one of the biggest Buddha statue of all Sri Lanka.
  • The complex is beautifully renovated and maintained.
  • It’s easy to park, in the courtyard of the complex.
  • The visit is for free, but our monk gently asked us if we want to donate. And if so, we could leave our donation in the pointed collector. Also he was making sure that our money didn’t stuck, and pushed it down in the collector. It was kind of funny, but his guidance was one of the best that we have received in all Sri Lanka.
  • You can not only visit the giant Buddha statue, but also get in to the temple to admire all the beautiful paintings about the sacred journey of Buddha.

How to get to Godauda

Godauda is a coastal town, in south-west Sri Lanka. It is located in the Southern Province situated 80 km south of Colombo, about a 2-hour-drive from the capital. This coastal route is priceless, beautiful and offers unforgettable views on the southern ocean coast. Besides that, we can find around many beautiful temples, just like this gem in Godauda.

Where to stay around Godauda

Since Godauda is tiny, you won’t find here a lot of options for the night. But in the surroundings, there are many accommodations. Take a look at the below selection from Talalla – that is just the neighbouring village.

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