We have been advised by the friendly owner of Ceylon Resort, that once we are at the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka, we shouldn’t miss Uppuveli. Originally, we planned to visit only Nilaveli, but based on his recommendation we changed our plans and did both. And how good that we did it! Uppuveli is amazing, so let’s see here the main reasons why to visit Uppuveli.

Why to visit Uppuveli

If you are looking for unspoiled and calm beaches in Sri Lanka, you need to go the Upper Eastern Coast. The currents all around the island are constantly causing big waves, making Sri Lanka the perfect spot for surf lovers. But if you prefer calmer beaches, where you can just swim, snorkel, and relax in the warm water, this is your coastline. Starting from Mullaitivu, via Kuchchaveli till Nilaveli and Uppuveli. We could spend hours in the water just enjoying the perfect temperature of the ocean and meanwhile admiring all the palm trees and the sandy coastline. It’s up to preferences, but if you want to enjoy a complete & perfectly relaxing beach day, it’s definitely the answer on the question why to visit Uppuveli.

Once you are in Uppuveli Beach, do not miss the famous Fernando’s Bar! Where you can get fresh cocktails and sun-beds to enjoy your day to the fullest. Be prepared to meet other tourists as well, as it’s a famous chill-out at meeting point for any kind of travellers.

Where is Uppuveli

Uppuveli is a gold sand coastal resort town of the Trincomalee District. It is located in the suburb of Sambalativu, 6 km northwest of the city of Trincomalee. A historically popular local tourist destination of the island alongside the nearby Nilaveli. Pronounced “Uppuveli”, “Uppu” means salt while “vèli” is a Sri Lankan Tamil language term for land or open space.

How to get to Uppuveli

If you are coming from Jaffna direction

It can take at least 3-4 hours to reach Uppuveli. You need to pass the Elephant Pass and then get onto A9 & a29 roads.

From Trincomalee direction

It’s very easy, if there are no roadblocks or demonstrations you can get to Uppuveli in 5 minutes. It’s not more than 10 kms.

Coming from Dambulla direction

It takes 2 hours on A6 road to reach Uppuveli.

Where to stay around Uppuveli

This coast is popular among local tourists, so you will be able to enjoy some local resorts, hotels. Especially in Nilaveli and Trincomalee. Of course foreign tourists also discovered this place, so you won’t be alone. But the traffic is still very chill comparing with the down Western part of Sri Lanka. Feel free to choose from the below map and enjoy our discount codes!

Things to do around Uppuveli


Kuchchaveli is a tiny village with an amazing coastline. The sandy beaches are nicely cleaned and all around the hotels it’s marked when it’s safe to enter the water. They always worn you about the currents as well.


Trincomalee, is sacred to Sri Lankan Tamils and Hindus around the world. The city has many Hindu sites of historical importance. These sites are sacred to the Hindus and some Buddhists also worship at these Hindu sites. Also, it’s a good place to spot blue whales!


Nilaveli is a coastal resort town and suburb of the Trincomalee District. It is located 16 km northwest of the city of Trincomalee. A historically popular Tamil village and tourist destination of the district alongside the nearby Uppuveli, the numbers of visitors declined following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and Sri Lankan Civil War, but have risen again since 2010. 

Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya & Dambulla

Nilaveli, besides being located on the amazing sandy coast, has a relative close location to some of the most interesting archeological and sacred places all around Sri Lanka. Such as Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya & Dambulla. Make sure to combine your route with one of the below visits!

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