Point Pedro is a strategic location on the Northern Coast of Sri Lanka. If you are reading this article you probably wonder about what to expect from Point Pedro. After a visit to Jaffna is the ideal spot to spend a little longer on the Tamil coast, enjoy the beaches and catch up with local fishermen. Point Pedro is the northernmost point of the island, still in Jaffna Peninsula with very nice views on that coast. 

A tsunami badly destroyed this territory in 2004. Locals say that fishing boats ended even more than a  kilometer inland. The Ocean is shallow with its coral reef offshore and misty white sandy beach. Even though we cannot say this is the best place for swimming, you can even spot a few sharks. 

Point Pedro is the second town in the Jaffna peninsula and a touristy spot. Nevertheless, it is not a rich area and out of your hotel you may struggle to find a place to eat or drink. The good point there is the authenticity of the villages around. We could watch a big religious celebration and we felt welcome everywhere we went.

What to visit around Point Pedro


Point Pedro is close to Jaffna. This is a must in any of the Sri Lanka trips you can plan. The capital of the Tamil territory is an excellent spot to understand the cultural differences in the country and to enjoy a perfect vacation. If you want to check what to do in Jaffna just click on our complete review.  

Kadurugoda Viharaya

This archaeological settlement is known as Kantharodai in Tamil and Kadurugoda in Sinhala. Kadurugoda Viharaya is located in a rural area 13 kilometers outside of Jaffna. The place has 20 small curious stupas dating back to the year 0, in which it is believed that 60 Tamil Buddhist monks who reached Nirvana were buried after being poisoned. The place is quite small and is not ready for visits. Even so, the site is very interesting and beautiful. 

They have found some Roman coins and Ancient Chinese Dynasties objects. There was a nearby port that had commercial purposes many centuries ago. The Kadurugoda stupas have a halo of mystery too as they say that within them there could be a hidden treasure. 

Keerimalai Sacred Water Spring

Keerimalai is undoubtedly one of the favorite attractions of the local Sri Lankan population. When traveling to Jaffna you can also visit during your experience in the north of ancient Ceylon. This is an excellent stop if you plan to arrive at Point Pedro. 

Among the many attractions in the area, Keerimalai Beach stands out with its exuberant local life and the hot springs that you will find adjoining the ocean. This area, 20 kilometers north of the center of Jaffna, is only a few kilometers from Jaffna airport. So, it is very likely that it will quickly become one of the most developed tourist favorite locations.

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