Criccieth is a beautiful seaside resort town on Cardigan Bay, on the Southern side of the Llyn Peninsula, in Wales. Known as the ‘Pearl of Wales on the Shores of Snowdonia’, this attractive Victorian seaside resort is popular with tourists for its fantastic beaches and its traditional Welsh charm. It gives home to the Castle of Criccieth, too. So, let’s discover this place now together!

Castell Criccieth – The Castle of Criccieth

Criccieth has become a popular location for those seeking relaxing coastal breaks in the UK. Criccieth is a special place, as besides the relaxing atmosphere, it gives home to the beautiful Castell Criccieth. We had the chance to spend a more or less sunny afternoon in Criccieth with our friends, and we took the occasion to visit this castle.

The entrance ticket is 6 GBP / person and the visit doesn’t take more than 1 hour. Of course, it depends on how long you would like to enjoy the breathtaking views from the castle. It’s easy to climb up, so families with kids can get up easily, too! Surprisingly, it was only a few people besides us visiting the castle, so we had the chance to take photos about the completely empty castle, as well.

The history of the castle

The Criccieth Castle was originally built by Llywelyn the Great, in the early 13th century. Llywelyn was a Prince of Gwynedd, and ruled Wales for over 40 years. After his reign, the castle was succeeded by his son. Much later, Edward I took control of Criccieth Castle, which eventually led to the Welsh residents of the area revolting against this. Just over 100 years later in 1404, the castle was completely sacked and was never reoccupied – leaving only what can still be seen today. An exhibition on the Princes of Gwynedd can be found within the castle, where visitors can learn more about the town’s rich history.

Enjoy the view

Once up, the view is breathtaking. You can find random benches around the castle where you can just sit down and breath, or read a book. Can you imagine any better or a more perfect setting?

How to get to Criccieth

From Liverpool

It takes approximately 2 hours to reach Criccieth from Liverpool. You need to take N Wales Expy / A55 road. For the train options, you can take look here.

From Birmingham

The road is a sightly bit longer, 2 hours 30 minutes to get to Criccieth from Birmingham. You need to take M54 or A41 roads. For the train options, you can take look here.

From Cardiff

The Welsh capital is relatively far from Criccieth. Approximately 3 hours 30-45 minutes to arrive to Criccieth. Depending on which road you choose: A470 or A483 & A470. By train there is no direct option, you need to change at Shrewsbury. The fastest options take 5-6 hours with 1 change.

Where to stay in Criccieth

The town of Criccieth is a seaside resort, popular with families. There are not many options for accommodations, so if you would like to stay in town it’s better to book in advance. Take a look at the below map and the present options.

Best experiences around Criccieth

Go to the beach

Once you are Criccieth you can easily get further on the peninsula and visit some of the nicest Welsh beaches. We had the chance to stop at Pwllheli and Abersoch, both are highly recommended. Even though the water is cold, so it’s not the best to take a bath, but only to walk on the beach, and admire the colours before and after the summer storms, are lovely.

Visit Snowdonia Natural Park

Covering a total of 823 square miles, Snowdonia is Wales’ largest National Park. Home to over 26,000 people. The landscape is steeped with culture, history, and heritage, where the Welsh language is part of the day-to-day fabric of the area. Nearly 4 million people visit this territory every year to explore its towering peaks and breath-taking valleys, find tranquillity in its lesser-trodden paths and discover its extensive recreation opportunities. We also spent two nights in Snowdonia, in the village of Corris. Lovely place to enjoy the nature.

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