In Vilanova i la Geltrú, a coastal town in Catalonia, Spain, there are several recommended places where you can enjoy delicious paella. The town is famous for its fresh seafood and traditional Catalan cuisine, including a flavourful paella. There many restaurants that are offering a variety of rice dishes, including mouthwatering paella, in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. We have listed here our favourites in town.

About the Restaurants in Vilanova i la Geltrú

Vilanova i la Geltrú offers a diverse range of restaurants catering to different tastes and preferences. From traditional Catalan cuisine to international flavors, there are options to suit every palate. The town has a thriving seafood scene, given its coastal location, and you’ll find numerous restaurants serving fresh seafood dishes, including paella, grilled fish, and shellfish. In addition to seafood, Vilanova i la Geltrú offers a variety of dining experiences. You can find restaurants specializing in traditional Catalan cuisine, where you can savor local specialties such as “calçots” (grilled spring onions), “escudella i carn d’olla” (Catalan meat and vegetable stew), and “crema catalana” (Catalan custard dessert).

The town also boasts international cuisine options, including Mediterranean, Italian, Asian, and fusion restaurants. Whether you’re craving pizza, sushi, tapas, or vegetarian dishes, you’ll find a diverse selection of eateries to choose from. Vilanova i la Geltrú also has a lively bar and café scene, where you can enjoy a variety of beverages, including local wines and craft beers, along with tapas or light bites. When exploring Vilanova i la Geltrú, take the time to wander through the town’s streets, especially in the historic center, where you’ll discover charming restaurants tucked away in hidden corners or along bustling squares. Overall, Vilanova i la Geltrú offers a range of dining options to satisfy various tastes and preferences, ensuring that visitors can enjoy a memorable culinary experience during their stay.

Where to eat Paella in Vilanova i la Geltrú

Instead of listing here the traditional, well-known and sometimes outdated places, we wanted to put the focus on the quality. Our aim with this article is to guide the reader to the best paella places in 2023 in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

La Malaxica

La Malaxica serves homemade Mediterranean food in a contemporary space. In their menu you will find dishes suitable for vegetarians and people with gluten intolerance as well. If you want to have a nice family celebration, or just a romantic dinner, this is your place. Everything is high-standard at La Malaxica.

What we liked about the place

Everything. The restaurant is spacious, modern, clean, with a lovely crew. The location is excellent, in the heart of Vilanova, on the Rambla Principal, easy to reach. They also have a terrace on the Rambla, if you prefer seating outside. The food is excellent, and they serve fast. It is that good that Dani came back here 3 times in a row, and me 2 times. Never disappointed, only great experience.

What we didn’t like about the place

There was no such thing. This place is 5 star.

La Fabrica

La Fabrica is a modern rice restaurant, located very close to the town swimming pool. The location is not very ideal, as you cannot really park, it is far from the center, and the restaurant itself is small with a few tables only, with no terrace. The reason why it is indeed worth coming here is the quality of the food. Which is outstanding. Due to the limited number of places many people order for take-away.

What we liked about the place

The BEST Paella in Vilanova i la Geltrú, in terms of quality, taste, serving & all. The food here is really high quality, and if I could return to only one among all, this would be it. Not to mention that they really serve authentic Valencian paella.

What we didn’t like about the place

The place is tiny inside, only 6-8 tables, and it doesn’t have a terrace. You definitely need to book in advance in order to have a table. In exchange they also serve paella for take away. No surprise, the quality is so good, they are very busy only with the take-aways. Net-net, La Fabrica would deserve a bigger space.

La Llotja

La Llotja is a well-known and popular seafood restaurant located in Vilanova i la Geltrú. It is situated near the marina, offering a picturesque setting with views of the Mediterranean Sea. La Llotja specializes in serving fresh seafood dishes, highlighting the region’s maritime flavors and culinary traditions.

What we liked about the place

When you enter the restaurant you will notice that it also functions as a little fish market. Locals actually come here to buy fresh fish from the neighbourhood. Also, you can choose the preferred seafood from their daily selection, what you would like to see on your plate. Freshness is guaranteed. The paella is really good and the views to the beach promenade are lovely.

What we didn’t like about the place

We have booked the table for a Saturday at 13:00, which is clearly too early for locals to eat. But from 13:00 almost each restaurant serves their first shift, so it is not that uncommon to make reservation for that time. Since our reservation was confirmed, we arrived on time, at 13:00. The restaurant was not ready to serve us. Basically it was empty and the personal was still eating in the back. We needed to queue at their fish-market section in order to achieve that someone at least saying hello to us. Where again the welcome was not too friendly. Also, they wanted to seat us at the most narrow table of the restaurant inside, while the whole terrace was empty. After some additional waiting time and negotiations they finally let us choose the table on terrace. Net-net, the welcome is definitely improvable.

La Gambarrada

La Gambarrada is a charming restaurant, near the sea, on Vilanova’s Paseo Marítimo. They gained a lot of fame and good reviews during the years. Their menu is on a high level, well selected options and ingredients, using the local touch.

What we liked about the place

This place is recommended by locals as well, and indeed the location is nice, it is on the main promenade of the beach, they have terrace and inner tables as well. And the quality of the food is good. Also they serve some fancy small bites on the house while you are waiting.

What we didn’t like about the place

The portions are the smallest here among all the listed restaurants. While the prices are high. It is worth ordering a starter or go with their daily menu. Otherwise you might stay hungry.

Arrosseria Kiko

Arrosseria Kiko is a real traditional family rice restaurant, with all its advantages and charm. It is located out of the center, regardless it has its clients, and especially visited by the locals.

What we liked about the place

Their weekend menu of 22 EUR covers 4 starters (each of them actually served for you, so you don’t need to choose only one), paella for two and a selection of desserts. The food is homemade, the portions are big, the waiters are very friendly. They have a lovely terrace, and the whole place feels like a family restaurant.

What we didn’t like about the place

Actually the experience was very good. The starters were great! The rice was good and enjoyable too. But since the bar is very high thanks to the above restaurants, we were already spoiled and could list this place only on the 5th position.

Enjoy our discounts in Vilanova i la Geltrú

Passion for Paella

Paella, the iconic Spanish dish, is a true masterpiece that has captivated taste buds around the world. Originating from the Valencia region, paella is a rice-based dish known for its vibrant colors, aromatic flavors, and delightful combination of ingredients. At its core, paella is a celebration of simplicity and balance, showcasing the natural flavors of high-quality ingredients like rice, saffron, vegetables, and various proteins such as chicken, rabbit, or seafood. The dish is traditionally cooked in a wide, shallow pan called a “paellera” over an open fire, allowing the rice to absorb the rich flavors and develop a crispy layer at the bottom. Paella represents not only a culinary delight but also a cultural experience, often enjoyed in the company of family and friends during festive occasions or leisurely gatherings, embodying the warm spirit of Spanish hospitality and the joy of shared meals. We have been writing about our passion for Paella. You can take a look here on these articles:

Useful information about Vilanova i la Geltrú

Where to find Vilanova i la Geltrú?

Vilanova i la Geltrú is a town located in the province of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It is situated on the northeastern coast of the country, approximately 40 kilometers southwest of Barcelona. It is also accessible by train, with regular connections from Barcelona and other nearby cities.

What is Paella?

Paella is a traditional Spanish dish that originated in the Valencia region of Spain. It is a flavorful rice-based dish typically cooked in a wide, shallow pan called a “paellera.” Paella is known for its vibrant colors, aromatic flavors, and diverse ingredients.The key ingredient in paella is rice, specifically a short-grain variety like Bomba or Calasparra, which absorbs the flavors of the other ingredients while maintaining a firm texture. The rice is cooked in a flavorful broth or stock, often infused with saffron, which gives the dish its characteristic yellow color.

When is the best time to visit Vilanova i la Geltrú?

The best time to visit Vilanova i la Geltrú is during the spring (April to June) and autumn (September to October) seasons. During these months, the weather is generally pleasant with mild temperatures, making it ideal for exploring the town, enjoying outdoor activities, and visiting the nearby beaches. The summer months (July and August) can be quite hot and crowded, as it is the peak tourist season with many visitors flocking to the coastal areas. If you prefer a quieter experience and don’t mind slightly cooler temperatures, visiting in the winter months can still be enjoyable, with fewer tourists and the possibility of experiencing local festivals and cultural events.

Best experiences in Vilanova i la Geltrú

Vilanova i la Geltrú has everything a visitor needs to have a great experience. Its natural beauty draws visitors from around the world- along with its numerous important sites and cultural heritage. As far as things to do in the place go, there are plenty of activities available for visitors.

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