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  • Best Itinerary Extremadura, Spain

    The best itinerary in Extremadura, Spain

    Extremadura is a region in the south-western part of Spain. It’s bordered by Portugal and is considered to be part of both the Iberian and Mediterranean regions. It has a diverse landscape, with beautiful mountains and gentle plains. The capital city is Mérida and it has many old towns and villages. People from all over…

  • Cathedral of Jaén

    Discover Jaén Capital: A Hidden Gem for Tourism in Spain

    Discover the captivating charm of Jaén, Spain. Immerse yourself in its rich history as you explore the monumental Jaén Cathedral and the breathtaking Santa Catalina Castle with panoramic city views. Indulge in the city’s renowned olive oil culture and savor authentic Andalusian flavors. Wander through charming streets resonating with Arab influences and unwind in the…

  • Cloister of Santa Juliana collegiate church in Santillana del Mar, Spain

    The best things to do in Santillana del Mar, Spain

    Santillana del Mar is an open-air Museum kind of town. It is beautiful and full of history. Everyday there are tourists strolling on the Medieval streets and enjoying its heritage. However the town never lost its authentic local character regardless of the decades of visitors breaking its natural calmness. In this article, you will discover…

  • Visiting Maricel Palace

    Maricel Palace – A visit that you shouldn’t miss in Sitges

    The Maricel Palace is one of the most emblematic buildings in Sitges. Forming part of Maricel’s artistic ensemble, also receives the name of Maricel de Terra as a differentiation from the museum also known as Maricel de Mar.

  • Things to see in Mérida Spain

    Mérida & all its wonders – The old capital of Roman Hispania

    Mérida is a beautiful and historically important city and municipality of Spain, part of the Province of Badajoz, and capital of the autonomous community of Extremadura. It is located in the western-central part of the Iberian Peninsula at 217 metres above sea level, the city is crossed by the Guadiana and Albarregas rivers. It became…

  • Whitewashed houses in Olivenza, Extremadura, Spain

    Olivenza, Portuguese flavor in the Spanish Extremadura

    Olivenza is a beautiful white town in Extremadura on a Portuguese flavor. The whitewash of the rustic but modern houses contrasts with the bare stone of the medieval remains. It is undoubtedly a quiet place along with a strong local character, drawn through the centuries by the vicissitudes of its surprising history.

  • Canfranc Train Station

    Canfranc Train Station

    The Canfranc International Railway Station (Spanish: Estación Internacional de Canfranc) is a formerly international railway station in the village of Canfranc in the Spanish Pyrenees.

  • Las mejores cosas que ver en Santillana del Mar

    Cantabria Bucket List – Top 6 places to visit in Cantabria

    Cantabria is a region in northern Spain that’s known for its natural beauty, art and culture, and its thriving economy. It has a coastline, mountains and plains and a temperate climate. The region is also an important wine-producing area. Exploring Cantabria means discovering a wide variety of activities to keep you busy for weeks on…

  • Rio Tinto Pier in Huelva, Spain

    Discovering Huelva: A Comprehensive Guide to Unforgettable Tourism Experiences

    Nestled in the southwest of Spain, Huelva city awaits the intrepid traveler with its captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. From the iconic Rio Tinto Pier, a relic of maritime heritage, to the vibrant Quinta Victoria neighborhood pulsating with local life, Huelva beckons explorers. Don’t miss the Monasterio de Santa María de la…

  • Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain

    Lo mejor que ver en Cáceres, lo más moderno del siglo XVI

    Cáceres es una ciudad histórica homogénea, con calles peatonales y casas monumentales del siglo XVI. También es un centro cultural y artístico. Hay muchas galerías, museos y sitios históricos en la ciudad. Es un gran lugar para visitar si te gusta el arte, la arquitectura y la historia. En este artículo te vamos a mostrar…