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  • Let's get lost in Catalonia!


    catalonia by besides the obvious Here come all our articles and Travel Stories from Catalonia. In Catalan: Catalunya or in Spanish: Cataluña is an autonomous community of Spain. Designated as a nationality by its Statute of Autonomy. Most of the territory (except the Val d’Aran) lies on the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula. To the south of the Pyrenees mountain range. Catalonia is administratively divided into four provinces: Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona.…

  • Sitges – The pride of Catalonia

    Sitges is love at first sight. It’s is so beautiful, so charming, so lovely. You hardly can imagine any more romantic place. The only problem is the number of tourists who also already noticed the beauty of this place. But if you are getting there off-season, you can easily enjoy this pearl in Catalonia.

  • Girona, what to do in the capital of Northern Catalonia

    In this post we will learn what to visit and what to do in Girona, the impressive medieval city in the North of Catalonia.

  • Ripoll, the cradle of Catalonia

    We arrived with a clear idea about what to do in Ripoll. It was a sunny morning of a still cold March. Our plan was to move a bit from Costa Daurada to something different. We have taken for that the first occasion. It was the first weekend of the new period when we could…

  • Buddhist Monastery in Garraf – Sakya Tashi Ling

    After visiting Sri Lanka, we got very curious about this place again Catalonia, that actually we wanted to visit for some time now: The Sakya Tashi Ling Buddhist Monastery on the Garraf Massif.


    catalonia by besides the obvious Here comes our Catalan Travel Series. We have collected a list of many beautiful & historically relevant places around Catalonia. Most of the territory lies on the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, to the south of the Pyrenees mountain range. Catalonia consists of four provinces: Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona. The capital and largest city, Barcelona is the second-most populated municipality in…

  • Solsona: one of the perfect plans from Barcelona

    Solsona is one of the perfect plans from Barcelona. Even though, it has very few tourists being in the middle of a unspoiled region.

  • Reus – Visiting the Institute of Pere Mata

    Reus is the capital of Baix Camp, in the province of Tarragona, in Catalonia, Spain. The area has always been an important producer of wines and spirits, and gained continental importance at the time of the Phylloxera plague. Nowadays it is known for its commercial activity, for being a centre for rock-climbing and as the…

  • Bicycle tourism in Penedès Region, Catalonia – Interview with BIKEMOTIONS

    Probably the best way to discover Penedès is by bicycle. This is the interview with Bikemotions, a bicycle tourism services company located in Subirats. We got a promotional video where we saw a train station surrounded by vineyards. It had a large parking lot with bikes for rent. We thought that was an attractive offer,…

  • Sau – A route in Central Catalonia

    This is an article about a what to do in Central Catalonia and a route in this central part of its territory. Here you will find our proposal for an itinerary from Vic, one of the capitals of Central Catalonia, to some small towns (Tavertet, Rupit and Sant Romà de Sau) in Osona and La…

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