Asia, the world’s largest and most diverse continent! Asia has both the highest and the lowest points on the surface of Earth, has the longest coastline of any continent, is subject overall to the world’s widest climatic extremes, and, consequently, produces the most varied forms of vegetation and animal life on Earth. We are happy to share with you our Asian Travel Stories. Just click on the below map to reach your desired destination and the related travel stories, or navigate further in the sub-menus to choose based on a country.

Dreaming about the best Asian vacation? Just navigate further in the sub-menus to choose based on a country. As you might know our mission is to share something relevant, something authentic, something real, something cool, something interesting, something personal & something different, via our travel stories & images. We are focusing on ideas from local sources, giving tips that are usually unknown for travelers and foreigners, guides to secret places which only the guy from the given neighborhood could know about, to the hidden picturesque view, with recommending everything besides the obvious: the local real feel, the adventure of discovering the unknown, the authenticity, culinary guide to the meals that locals are really cooking and eating at home, and much more. Hope you will read our Asian Travel Stories, feel inspired, and enjoy the journey, as much as we do!

Have you ever heard of the Snoopy Island?

Snoopy Island is located off the coast of Fujairah within a 2-hour-long drive from Dubai. This island is a rocky marine outcrop situated a hundred meters from the Sandy Beach Hotel at Al Aqah. Crystal clear waters and incredibly beautiful coral reefs are some of the reasons why this island is a popular hangout for…

Dubai Budget List

In this article we share activities that we can do in Dubai for free, and food and accommodation options for people who are travelling to Dubai on a budget.

What to do at Bangkok – A bucket list

Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world. The city has a rich culture and history, which draws many visitors to its streets and temples. With this article we want to explain what to expect and what to do at Bangkok to make your visit even easier. 

The Museum of Islamic Civilization – Sharjah, UAE

We had the chance to visit this amazing Museum in August 2022. We spent there 4-5 hours, and hardly could finish the visit. So much information and so many things to understand about the Islamic Civilization, highly recommended.

Al Noor Island – The magical wonderland of Sharjah, UAE

As one of the main family attractions in Sharjah, Al Noor Island is known for its tropical biosphere filled with floating butterflies. But this lovely island offers much more to its visitors. So let’s see now the best things to do during a visit at Al Noor Island in Sharjah.

Dubai Bucket List – The top 30 places we visited in 1 week

We have spent one week in Dubai during the summer of 2022. A week is sufficient time to visit most of the attractions that Dubai can offer to the tourists. So, you can absolutely rely on this article if you want to understand what the must-see sights of Dubai are. Now you can discover Dubai…

Ras al Hadd, Oman – More than turtles

If you are looking for turtles in Oman, one of the most recommended places that you will most certainly read about is Ras al Hadd. Indeed, this place is a perfect spot to see turtles, but beyond that it offers other activities as well. Here below you can find our Ras al Hadd guide, and…

Visitar Catar aparte del Mundial 2022

Puedes visitar Catar en cualquier momento. Aun así, debes saber que desde el próximo 20 de noviembre al 18 de diciembre, Catar organizará el Mundial de fútbol 2022. El país solicitó hace casi doce años por primera vez. Al final y a base de insistir, la Federación Internacional de Fútbol (FIFA) otorgó a Catar la…

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque – Muscat, Oman

Read the most comprehensive overview about Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman. When to visit, how to dress, is there any entrance fee? You will get answers on all your questions here by Besides the Obvious.

Visit Qatar besides the World Cup 2022

You can visit Qatar anytime besides the Football World Cup 2022.  Even so, from the next November 20 to December 18, Qatar will organize this worldwide event. The country applied almost twelve years ago for the first time and finally almost twelve years ago the International Football Federation (FIFA) awarded Qatar with the approval to…

Where to see turtles in Oman?

Where to see turtles in Oman? In this article we will answer the question. But in short: almost in all mentioned turtle beaches. But you don’t necessarily need to pay for a tour, in the right hours of the day you might find turtles by yourself as well, very close to you! We will list…

A tourist visit to Al Ain

A tourist visit to Al Ain is always a good plan, for expats, locals and regular foreign tourists. This is still an Oasis in the desert.


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