Best restaurants & bars of Madeira

During the days we spent on Madeira we had the chance to taste the local gastronomy in many places. Here, we have compiled a list with the best restaurants & bars of Madeira. There are some posh places included in the list, as well as many street food options. So let's see, where to eat on Madeira!

The gastronomy of Madeira – What to eat on Madeira?

The kitchen of Portugal is outstanding. On Madeira, if it's possible, the gastronomy is even better. You cannot go wrong, wherever you go or whatever you order. The locals are really friendly, also like to help to explain what the dish is about, what kind of ingredients they use. So let's see what to eat on Madeira! P.S.: We also included couple of drinks - cheers!

Interview with Vicenç Ferré, president of the wine DO Tarragona

We think that wine has a deep influence on the culture and identity of Tarragona Region. Therefore, we wanted to speak with someone relevant to represent the Denomination of Origin Tarragona. We wrote them directly, to an e-mail address found on the Internet and they offered the phone number of the President of DO Tarragona. …

Entrevista amb la Dolors Torné del Celler Cal Serafí a Torredembarra – Versió en Català

Aquesta és la entrevista a la propietària de Cal Serafí, un icònic celler al vell mig del centre històric de Torredembarra. És la Dolors, que de seguida ens va respondre per correu electrònic que es prestava a fer l’entrevista. Hem quedat a les quatre, quan el celler està tancat i ens rep amb dues persones …