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This page collects all our Travel Stories from Slovakia. Slovakia, nestled in the heart of Central Europe, is a nation of captivating beauty and rich cultural heritage. With its picturesque landscapes of rolling hills, dense forests, and the majestic Carpathian Mountains, Slovakia offers a breathtaking backdrop for travelers seeking both natural wonders and historical treasures. Its capital city, Bratislava, is a vibrant hub of history and modernity, where medieval castles stand alongside contemporary architecture. As a member of the European Union and the eurozone, Slovakia has experienced significant economic growth in recent years, making it a dynamic and increasingly popular destination for both tourists and investors. This small yet diverse country welcomes visitors with warm hospitality, enticing cuisine, and a tapestry of traditions that reflect its unique place in the heart of Europe.

As you might know our mission is to share something relevant, something authentic, something real, something cool, something interesting, something personal & something different, via our travel stories & images. We are focusing on ideas from local sources, giving tips that are usually unknown to travelers and foreigners, guides to secret places that only the guy from the given neighborhood could know about, to the hidden picturesque view, with recommending everything besides the obvious: the local real feel, the adventure of discovering the unknown, the authenticity, culinary guide to the meals that locals are really cooking and eating at home, and much more. Hope you will read our Travel Stories from Slovakia, feel inspired, and enjoy the journey, as much as we do!

travel stories from Slovakia

Bratislava Bucket List

Welcome to Bratislava, the charming capital city of Slovakia! Nestled along the banks of the Danube River, Bratislava is a city that seamlessly blends its rich history with modern vibrancy. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, an art lover, or simply a curious traveler, Bratislava has something to offer everyone. To make the most…

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