Discovering the Best of Marseille: A Bucket List Guide to France’s Vibrant Mediterranean City

Marseille is a bustling port city located on the Mediterranean coast in southeastern France. The city boasts a rich cultural heritage, with stunning architecture, a vibrant arts scene, and delicious local cuisine. Marseille is also known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque harbor, and panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Today, Marseille is a dynamic and multicultural city that offers visitors a unique blend of ancient history and modern culture. So let's discover now together the best of Marseille!

Badajoz, una de las ciudades más bonitas de Extremadura

Badajoz es una de las ciudades más bonitas de Extremadura. Es el destino perfecto para aquellos que quieren disfrutar de la arquitectura, la comida y la historia de la ciudad. Como destino turístico, pocos se preguntan qué hay que ver en Badajoz capital, ya que suele quedar eclipsada por las atracciones más populares de ciudades como Mérida, Cáceres o Trujillo. No obstante, la ciudad más grande de Extremadura tiene atractivos más que suficientes para mantenerte ocupado durante un día entero o un fin de semana.

Badajoz, one of the most beautiful cities in Extremadura

Badajoz is one of the most beautiful cities in Extremadura. It's the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy the city's architecture, food and attractions. As a tourist destination, few people wonder what there is to see in the capital, Badajoz, as it is often overshadowed by the most popular attractions in cities such …

Let’s get lost in Catalonia! The 10 most beautiful villages of Costa Daurada – part III.

Let’s get lost on Costa Daurada this time! In the first two episodes of the Let's get lost in Catalonia series, we have already reviewed 20 beautiful inland villages in Catalonia. You can take a look here if you missed them. Let’s get lost in Catalonia! The 10 most picturesque non-coastal Catalan villages – part I.Let’s …


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