Villány, wines and cellars in South Hungary – A European tour. Part V.

Villany Besides the Obvious

To speak about visiting Villány and its wines and cellars is just a pleasure. I am a wine lover. Actually, once open a time I wrote a novel about wines and honestly, I never had tasted a Villány wine before. That could sound contradictory but it’s not. As a Spanish guy I never heart about Villány before being personally …

Escalivada – a simple & super tasty recipe from Catalonia & Aragon

Escalivada recipe

Escalivada is a roasted vegetable dish and coming from the regions of Catalonia and Aragon. Its name is routed to the Catalan verb "escalivar" meaning "to cook in ashes", referencing the dish's traditional preparation in the embers of a wood fire. The classic Escalivada recipe is very easy, so if you are looking for something quick, just take …

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