Los mejores sitios de Castro Urdiales

Castro Urdiales es una de esas delicias inesperadas que puedes encontrar sobre la marcha. Aunque es posible visitar el pueblo en medio día, recomendamos pasar la noche paseando tranquilamente y disfrutando de su excelente gastronomía y animada vida nocturna. Debes saber que Castro Urdiales es un destino popular en la costa norte de España. Si estás planeando un viaje para descubrir Cantabria o incluso el País Vasco, tómate un minuto para leer este artículo. Aquí conocerás los mejores sitios de Castro Urdiales para que consideres la opción de visitar esta joya escondida.

The best itinerary in Extremadura, Spain

Extremadura is a region in the south-western part of Spain. It's bordered by Portugal and is considered to be part of both the Iberian and Mediterranean regions. It has a diverse landscape, with beautiful mountains and gentle plains. The capital city is Mérida and it has many old towns and villages. People from all over the world visit Extremadura for its natural beauty and history. In this article we will learn the best itinerary in Extremadura, Spain.

The best things to do in Santillana del Mar, Spain

Santillana del Mar is an open-air Museum kind of town. It is beautiful and full of history. Everyday there are tourists strolling on the Medieval streets and enjoying its heritage. However the town never lost its authentic local character regardless of the decades of visitors breaking its natural calmness. In this article, you will discover the best things to do in Santillana del Mar, a hidden gem in the North of Spain. 

The best places in Castro Urdiales

Castro Urdiales is one of those unexpected Spanish delights you may find on the go. Although it is possible to visit the town in half a day, we recommend spending the night strolling peacefully and enjoying its excellent gastronomy and lively nightlife. You should know that Castro Urdiales is a popular destination on the Northern Coast of Spain. If you are planning a trip to discover Cantabria or even the Basque country, take a minute to read this article. Here you will learn about the best places in Castro Urdiales so you may consider the option of visiting this hidden gem.

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