Let’s get lost in Catalonia! 10 more picturesque non-coastal Catalan villages – part II.

Let's get lost in Catalonia!

In the first part of this series, we have covered 10 beautiful inland villages in Catalonia. Take a look here, if you missed "Let's get lost in Catalonia! The 10 most picturesque non-coastal Catalan villages - part I.", as this article is a continuation of that. Of course, the list doesn't end here, as Catalonia …

A day trip to New York (of the Priorat – La Vilella Baixa, Catalonia)

La Vilella Baixa lies in the east of the Priorat region, nestling beneath the Montsant massif, and two rivers meet right in the middle of the village: the Montsant and the Riuet d'Escaladei. Whaaat?! New York?! 😉 La Vilella Baixa The Catalan writer Josep Maria Espinàs, in one of his first travel books, renamed the …

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