The perfect medieval village: Montfalcó Murallat

Either if you are an expert in medieval villages or not, Montfalcó Murallat, the perfect medieval village will stun you. Montfalcó Murallat is authentic, real and unknown. Everybody likes Medieval villages and that makes them touristy and usually overcrowded. This is not happening in Montfalcó Murallat. The village dates from 11th Century in the …

Ávila: Probably the best ramparts of the world

Have you ever got the feeling of admiring the best ramparts of the world? This is exactly what Ávila is providing. Yes, yes, the Great Wall of China is a bit bigger. But a panoramic view of Ávila from a strategic point offers a complete view of a Medieval city all surrounded by amazing walls. That is to admire not just a piece of an awesome construction but to spot a complete episode of history itself. 

7 villages in Matarraña and Terra Alta: a cultural border territory

This article is about a route along some of the most interesting villages in Matarraña and Terra Alta, an amazing natural and cultural region in North-Eastern Spain. This region is split into two political regions (Aragon and Catalunya) but it has a common history, cultural similarities and its inhabitants speak the same language. In the …

15 pictures that will convince you to visit Ares del Maestrat

Ares del Maestrat is a picturesque village. Its beauty and its easy-going way of welcoming will convince you to get back once you have visited for the first time. The Maestrat is a cultural area spread in two Spanish regions: Valencian Community and Aragon. Read here our article about the Aragonese side. Ares is located …

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