Discover Albarracín, a great Mudejar town in Aragón, Spain

Discover Albarracín

To discover Albarracín can be one of the best experiences in a Spanish tour. Albarracín is a walled town of just over a thousand inhabitants, but is probably the greatest example of a Mudejar town in Spain. What is Mudejar?  A mudejar was a muslim person in the reconquested Christhian territories of the current …

7 villages in Matarraña and Terra Alta: a cultural border territory

This article is about a route along some of the most interesting villages in Matarraña and Terra Alta, an amazing natural and cultural region in North-Eastern Spain. This region is split into two political regions (Aragon and Catalunya) but it has a common history, cultural similarities and its inhabitants speak the same language. In the …

The route of Aragonese Maestrazgo: La iglesuela del Cid, Cantavieja, Tronchón and Mirambel

4 towns in Aragonese Maestrazgo: Mirambel, La Iglesuela del Cid, Cantavieja, Tronchón

This is a medieval route in the Aragonese Maestrazgo, an almost forgotten land of inner Spain. However, this territory deserves your attention. During the Medieval Ages, this vast area was under the jurisdiction of the masters of the different military orders. Fighting and praying that was the life there. Nevertheless, upon the hardness of those …

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