What to do in Trujillo, the cradle of the Spanish conquerors

What to see in Trujillo

Trujillo is one of the main tourist attractions of Extremadura due to its monumental architectural complex. The monumental set is officially a cultural heritage since 1962 and the town is a tourist asset not only because of its historical importance but also due to its geographical location, natural environment and gastronomy. In this article we will learn what to see in Trujillo, the cradle of the Spanish conquerors. 

Ávila: Probably the best ramparts of the world

Have you ever got the feeling of admiring the best ramparts of the world? This is exactly what Ávila is providing. Yes, yes, the Great Wall of China is a bit bigger. But a panoramic view of Ávila from a strategic point offers a complete view of a Medieval city all surrounded by amazing walls. That is to admire not just a piece of an awesome construction but to spot a complete episode of history itself. 

Vall de Boí – The route of the UNESCO World Heritage Catalan Romanesque Churches

UNESCO World Heritage route in Vall de Boí

We propose here the UNESCO World Heritage route in Vall de Boí, along the Catalan Romanesque Churches included in UNESCO World Heritage List on 30th November 2000. According to UNESCO’s criteria, this set of churches of the Catalan Pyrenees shows significant developments in Romanesque art and architecture and testifies to profound cultural interchange across medieval …