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Portugal is a country whose mainland is located on the Iberian Peninsula, in Southwestern Europe. And whose territory also includes the Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira. It features the westernmost point in mainland Europe.

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Best restaurants & bars of Madeira

During the days we spent on Madeira we had the chance to taste the local gastronomy in many places. Here, we have compiled a list with the best restaurants & bars of Madeira. There are some posh places included in the list, as well as many street food options. So let’s see, where to eat on Madeira!

Lisbon or Porto? 10 things to keep in mind before you choose!

Both Lisbon and Porto are super popular destinations among travellers to Portugal. Especially among the first visitors to the country. It’s indeed hard to choose between the two cities. The most obvious answer would be that you need to see both. But what if you need to choose? We are here to help! These two tourists magnet places are not so far from each other geographically & in terms of the quality of the services either. So let’s see, Lisbon or Porto? We list here 10 facts that you should keep in mind once you are about two choose between these two beautiful Portuguese cities.

Funchal Bucket List

You cannot and won’t miss Funchal for sure. It is the capital of the island and the majority of the services are based here. It is in fact a modern, cosmopolitan, rejuvenated city, well known for its many top class restaurants, stunning new 4 & 5-star hotels, warm all year round climate. Located in the stunning south of Madeira, on its sunniest coast amidst banana plantations and wonderful gardens where flowers bloom all year round in the shelter of the verdant mountains, it is an extremely lush, green and relaxed city. Let’s see now the places that you cannot miss once you’re in Funchal. Here comes our ultimate Funchal bucket list!

Madeira bucket list & the perfect roundtrip on the island

We visited the island of Madeira by a rented car. Without the departure days, if you have 7 days, you can easily follow this plan and you won’t miss out on anything important. So let’s see our Madeira bucket list broken down into 7 consecutive days.

The Last King of Hungary, who died on Madeira

The last king of Hungary was given little time on the throne. Charles (in Hungarian Károly IV.) took over the estate of Emperor and King Ferenc József in November 1916. Just two years later, he was forced to relinquish his sovereign rights. Károly IV. died in exile, on the Portuguese island of Madeira, on April 1, 1922. He was infected by the Spanish flu. One of the most infamous and most devastating epidemics in modern history.

The gastronomy of Madeira – What to eat on Madeira?

The kitchen of Portugal is outstanding. On Madeira, if it’s possible, the gastronomy is even better. You cannot go wrong, wherever you go or whatever you order. The locals are really friendly, also like to help to explain what the dish is about, what kind of ingredients they use. So let’s see what to eat on Madeira! P.S.: We also included couple of drinks – cheers!

Madeira Top 10

Madeira has many things to offer for its visitors. Here you can read our Madeira Top 10 list, with the ten best places that you cannot miss visiting once you’re on this Portuguese island.

Churchill on Madeira – Câmara de Lobos

Câmara de Lobos is a beautiful fishermen village on Madeira island. The specialisation of the area is the black sablefish fishing. Therefore its main bay gives home to local fishermen boats, and they come in many vivid colours. They call them “Xavelhas”. The former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill visited Madeira in 1950. While he was in Madeira, he painted an outstanding portrait about the bay with the “Xavelhas” on January 8. The village till today remembers his visit, and we can see many sites named after him. Let’s see what are those memories of Winston Churchill on Madeira!

Visiting the beautiful capital of Portugal – Lisbon bucket list

Lisbon is beautiful and no matter which part of the year you are coming you will be able to enjoy a nice and moderate climate thanks to the Atlantic Ocean. Lisbon offers a lot of sightseeing activities, cultural sites, cool party districts and many tour options into the surroundings. We have compiled for you the ultimate Lisbon bucket list that might be useful for all travellers to the Portugal capital.

Wonderland, the best Christmas Market in Lisbon

Lisbon’s Wonderland is inspired by London’s Winter Wonderland. It’s is definitely the biggest and the best Christmas market in Lisbon. It opens its gates on the 1st of December and stays till 1st of January. If you are in the mood of Christmas spirit, lights, flavours, and scents, this is your place!

8 amazing non-capital cities to visit in Europe

Have you already visited all the big capital cities in Europe?! This is great! But let’s not forget that capitals are usually multinational melting points, and regardless of the amazing sightseeing spots, you can face many catchy tricks, standardized offers, a crowd of tourists, and less authenticity. As they say, to understand the real sense …

Oporto para principiantes

¿Qué hacer durante tu primera visita a esta hermosa ciudad portuguesa? Aquí tienes finamente una guía para tu primera visita a Oporto. 1. Azulejos de Oporto Una de las representaciones más emblemáticas de la historia y la cultura de Oporto son esos hermosos azulejos que vemos en toda la ciudad. Vienen en diferentes colores, pero …

La ruta de los imperios. Una historia de São Miguel, Azores

Este es un artículo acerca de nuestra ruta personal sobre la historia de São Miguel y cómo y dónde los viejos Imperios lucharon por tener la isla bajo su control. La isla fue descubierta probablemente entre 1426 y 1439 y se llamaba “Ilha Verde” según los antiguos mapas de mediados del siglo XIV. Tal apodo …

Portói útikalauz

Mit érdemes megnézni Portóban? 1. Azulejos – portugál csempék Porto történelmének és kultúrájának egyik legjellegzetesebb ábrázolási formája. A gyönyörű csempék, amelyeket szinte az egész városban láthatunk mindenfelé, és a helyiek körében “azulejos” néven ismertek. Különböző formákban és színkombinációkban találkozhatunk velük, de leggyakrabban fehér és kék színekben pompáznak. “Az azulejo egy jellegzetes, arab, spanyol és portugál …

Porto for beginners

What to do during your first visit in Porto, the beautiful Portugués city? 1. Porto patterns One of the most emblematic representations of Porto’s history and culture are those beautiful tiles we see all over the city which are known as azulejos. They come in different colors, but most commonly, they are in white and …

6 formas de bañarse al aire libre en São Miguel, Azores

Bañarse en São Miguel al aire libre viene a ser como marcarse un selfie con los elementos. Antes de informarnos pensábamos en las Azores como un archipiélago lejano, a medio camino entre Europa y América que caía demasiado lejos de la tierra firme de Portugal como para parecérsele. Y allí donde había islas pensamos que …

One week on the ‘Green Island’ – São Miguel, Açores

Nature at its best, this is how I could briefly summarize our experience on São Miguel island in Açores. Even though January is considered there as off-season, and we haven’t seen the famous Hortensia flowers in full bloom… and the fact that the island is indeed tiny, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and influenced by …

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