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Best experiences in Mexico in 2021

2 days from now we will be sitting on our plane to Mexico. And since we are planning to stay in Mexico for a longer period of time, we have decided to collect some tips for beginners split by the most common and popular destinations and share the best experiences in Mexico in the year 2021. If you are interested in more about the topic, also do review our list of the 10 useful things to know before traveling to Mexico. Cancún Cancún is a popular Caribbean tourist destination on the northeast tip of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, in Quintana Roo, which also is called the …

day trip to montserrat

A day trip to Montserrat – Un día de lluvia en Barcelona – part 3.

About the “Un día de lluvia en Barcelona” series This article is the third chapter of the “Un día de lluvia en Barcelona” series. We would like to give you some ideas about what people could do on a rainy day in Barcelona city. Or where they can go within a day to explore the surroundings. The plan is to provide you with a complete itinerary for a day when the weather is not that pleasant, so we could dedicate more time to less obvious things. In this article, we share with you the perfect itinerary of a day trip …

Teruel exists

Teruel exists!

Yes, it does, and actually, I feel a bit uncomfortable to write like this about such a nice, friendly, culturally important, and architecture-wise super interesting and picturesque town, a capital of a province in Aragon. Also makes me a bit disappointed the fact that people have to be reminded that this area does exist and should be marked also on the popular tourist maps & itineraries of Spain. Why so? This article will help you to understand all the treasures that the capital of Teruel province can provide us with, as well as present you a short intro to Albarracín …

Discover Albarracín

Discover Albarracín, a great Mudejar town in Aragón, Spain

To discover Albarracín can be one of the best experiences in a Spanish tour. Albarracín is a walled town of just over a thousand inhabitants, but is probably the greatest example of a Mudejar town in Spain.  What is Mudejar?  A mudejar was a muslim person in the reconquested Christhian territories of the current Spain in the medieval ages, between the 13th and 16th centuries. Initially some of them kept their faith but afterwards they needed to convert (or at least pretend) to Christianism by force. In those territories where the islamic influence was very important, the style and the …

perfect medieval village

The perfect medieval village: Montfalcó Murallat

Either if you are an expert in medieval villages or not, Montfalcó Murallat, the perfect medieval village will stun you. Montfalcó Murallat is authentic, real and unknown. Everybody likes Medieval villages and that makes them touristy and usually overcrowded. This is not happening in Montfalcó Murallat. The village dates from 11th Century in the Romanesque period of the border fights between Cristhians and Muslims. All around Sió River, we can still spot many medieval defensive constructions that served to those fights. Actually, according to the village structure we can probably assume that Montfalcó Murallat was an ancient Arabic village before …

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