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Altafulla – The town of thousand magic gates on Costa Daurada, in Catalonia, Spain

This is an article about what to see in Altafulla, a coastal gem on Costa Daurada with an impressive historic heritage. Altafulla is mainly known because of its beach. Costa Daurada itelf is famous for the sandy coastline and lovely beaches, but this territory is much more than that. And besides their amazing and not that much-spoiled beaches, there are a lot of interesting spots among its historical villages and towns. Altafulla is a very good example of that. Altafulla is located 12 kilometers South direction from Tarragona. Read hear more about the area. The town has three main neighbourhoods: …

Entrevista amb la Dolors Torné del Celler Cal Serafí a Torredembarra – Versió en Català

Aquesta és la entrevista a la propietària de Cal Serafí, un icònic celler al vell mig del centre històric de Torredembarra. És la Dolors, que de seguida ens va respondre per correu electrònic que es prestava a fer l’entrevista. Hem quedat a les quatre, quan el celler està tancat i ens rep amb dues persones més de la seva família, vinculades al celler i que col·laboraran en l’entrevista. És un negoci familiar dels que dona gust visitar. El celler és agradable, amb un toc clàssic, una versió actualitzada dels de tota la vida per fer-lo boutique. Encantador. Clica aquí per …

Interview with Dolors Torné, Cal Serafí wine-shop, Torredembarra – English version

Here you can read an interview with the owner of Cal Serafí, the iconic wine-shop in the old part of the historic center of Torredembarra. She is Dolors Torné, who immediately answered us by e-mail and kindly accepted to do the interview. We met at 4 p.m. when the wine-shop is usually closed and she introduced us to two more persons from her family, who also collaborated in this interview since they are also linked to the business. This is a traditional family business that is definitely worth visiting once you are in Torredembarra. The shop is indeed very nice, …

Torredembarra the jewel of Costa Daurada

Torredembarra – The jewel of Costa Daurada

If this is the first time you hear or read the name of this town, for sure you would be asking back, Torre…hm… what?! It was the same for me and most likely for everyone who is coming from abroad and never been to this lovely town before. But believe me, it’s enough to dedicate an afternoon, or if you are more generous with time, even a day, to remember its name forever. This article will explain why to visit Torredembarra, the jewel of Costa Daurada. Not to mention, that many of our dear readers commented on how it could …

Roman route in Tarragona Province

Tarraco Romana II. A Roman heritage route in Tarragona Province

This is a Roman route in Tarragona Province. Actually this is the second part of our article about a Roman itinerary in Tarragona city. We will follow this time in this route the path of the main preserved monuments of Roman times in the nearby area of Tarragona. Some of these spots obtained on November 30, 2000, from the declaration of World Heritage by UNESCO for the Roman archaeological site of the ancient Tarraco. Below you have the full itinerary. Some of the places are not good prepared to be reached by car and it can be very difficult to …

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