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Tea Plantations in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka (formerly called Ceylon) has a climate and varied elevation that allows for the production of tea. The plant that gives the amazing green scenery, wherever you see in the elevated territories. In this article, we’ll review the best tea plantations in Sri Lanka.

Packing for Sri Lanka

What to pack if you travel to Sri Lanka?

It depends obviously on many preferences, and details such as how long are you on the island, is it your first time, which season and which part of the country you want to visit. But there are some very generic, as well as location specific requirements that’s worth to keep in mind while you’re packing for Sri Lanka.

10 travel tips for Sri Lanka

Since we are planning to travel to Sri Lanka this April for a longer period of time, we have decided to collect some tips for beginners and share with you 10 useful tips before travelling to Sri Lanka.

Help Ukraine

Help Ukraine!

We have collected some useful links from trusted sources to help Ukraine. Please spread this information. If you have more links to any other non-profit organisations – where people can donate or help in any way, please share the link in the comment section and we will add it to the list. Please only promote trusted & reliable places!

Never rent a car at Klass Wagen

Never rent a car at Klass Wagen in Budapest!

Recently we got the worst experience with a car rental company. Therefore we decided to share this case with all our readers, why never rent a car at Klass Wagen. In order that you can avoid them and the same mistakes we have done. Klass Wagen is located in some other countries as well, but we are talking about now the Budapest branch.

travel during a pandemic

Our top 20 places in 2021 – how & to where we were able to travel during the second year of Covid-19…

pandemic. Travelling was not easy in the beginning of 2021 either. The question and even the opportunity to travel during a pandemic was kind of impossible for the majority. Most of the countries were still in complete lockdown. Borders were closed, therefore we also focused on in-land travelling and kept exploring beautiful Spain. Later, during the year, when some of the borders opened, and the Covid passport finally appeared, we managed to have some very nice travels out of Spain & out of Europe as well. So let’s see the top 20 places that we were able to visit in 2021 during the second year of Covid-19.

About the Paris syndrome

This article is about the Paris syndrome. The Paris syndrome is a sense of disappointment, when ones are visiting Paris. Who feel that the city was not what they had expected. The condition is as a severe form of culture shock.

Driving in Mexico – survival tips for the Mexican roads

Driving in Mexico is a challenge. It may be exhausting, annoying, dangerous and never easy. Even though, it can be one of the best travel expiriencies in your life too. It is a complete adventure by itself but you will need some information upfront. On this post you will get the most interesting facts you …

Why travel to Spain is Covid-19 safe this summer 2021

In this article we will explain why travel to Spain is Covid-19 safe this summer 2021. Are you considering going for the best Mediterranean destination? Are you eager to enjoy wonderful beaches, amazing cultural heritage and the best gastronomy in Europe? Spain is your place. Just go, you will be on the safe side. Check here …

travel trends 2021

Travel Trends 2021

In this article, we will speak about the ultimate travel trends 2021 of this pandemic time we face. Coronavirus has changed many things in our daily life. Speaking about travelling there are still and, there will be for a while, some limitations, restrictions and bans that may keep many travellers waiting for better occasions. It …

Our top 20 places in 2020 – how & to where we were able to travel during the year of Covid-19…

2020 was not the year of traveling. Neither for us. We, who usually take every occasion to travel, whose everyday life looks like continuously checking options, calendars, travel deals, flight schedules, we also found ourselves in a new reality. The old days were gone, when ever we had free time, we just went to explore, …

Anniversay Besides the Obvious

The first year in the life of a blog: Besides the Obvious

Besides the Obvious is today one year old. All started as a joke. Anna began to write alone and she was taking pictures randomly without revealing the real purpose. She finally published her first article on November 18, 2019.  Exactly one year ago. Around one month later, at Christmas, she told me – as a …

Ferry stern

Naviera Armas goes bankrupt: bad news for travellers and locals

This is an article about the crisis of the passenger transport companies using the example of Naviera Armas, a famous Spanish ferry company. We have read on the journals this week that Naviera Armas, one of the giants of maritime transport, is going bankrupt. The rating agency Moody’s has lowered its rating from Caa2 to …

Toilet sign in Atacama Desert, Chile

How to prepare the perfect backpack and don’t miss anything (important)

This is an article about how to prepare the backpack and not to forget anything you would need. First, mind that backpacking is synonym of adventure. The most enjoyable way to do that is without planning too much. To feel free on the go you must travel light. Less weight, more fun. Once we could …

From Israel to Jordan

Tips to rent cars and deal with Car Rental Companies

This is an article about tips to rent cars when travelling. Some people have asked us which company to choose to rent a car at any location. We have rented hundreds of cars in the last twenty years travelling around five continents. According to our experience, all car rental companies are same awful. The expensive …

The World beyond

El mundo más allá

Sí, todos formamos parte de esto. Desde cualquiera que sea el rincón de este hermoso planeta donde estéis leyendo ahora este artículo, la situación actual influye de alguna manera. A algunos menos, a otros quizás más, pero nos alcanza a todos. De repente nos enfrentamos a la misma realidad, de repente estamos unidos más que …

The World beyond

The World Beyond

Yes, we are all part of it. From whichever angle of this beautiful planet you are reading this article now, you are in some way influenced by the current situation. Maybe less, maybe more, but it reaches all of us. Suddenly we face the same reality, suddenly we are united more than ever regardless the …

Tibidabo Besides the Obvious

10 dolog, amit turistaként jobb elkerülni Barcelonában

Minden egyes alkalommal, amikor megpillantok egy naív turistát a városban, összeszorul a szívem. Pár évvel ezelőttig magam sem voltam tisztában vele, hogy mennyi lehetséges problémával és zaklatással kell szembenéznie a Barcelonába érkező turistáknak. Félreértés ne essék, Barcelona egy csodálatos város, és a helyiek nagyon büszkék is rá, illetve személy szerint én is úgy gondolom, hogy …

Barcelona Besides the obvious

The last good-bye?

We’ll meet again for sure! Or just simply not… and it’s fine too! A last good-bye. I’m already after many last meetings, last coffees, farewell parties, last hugs… repeating the same last conversation for hundred times… And then the last hug and the last sentence: ‘All the very best & good luck in your new …

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