Thanksgiving, Hanuka, Santa Claus, Christmas, Reyes Magos, Eastern or just a simple birthday celebration? Are you out of ideas what to give as presents to a traveller? Do not worry, you are not alone, but luckily here we are to help you out of our own experience, what kind of gifts a traveller would truly appreciate.

Board game: Who knows where?

A board game is always a good idea! This was exactly in my mind when I decided to order this game for Dani and for myself as well, since I was sure that we would play it together. This game is awesome, it requires a lot of knowledge in geography, travel destinations, cultural matters combined with history too. It has two options, you can play the more beginner or the more advanced version depending on your trust in yourself. The perfect way of spending time for a traveller when they are not travelling.

Map of the world: Scratch off map of the World with flags

Every travellers’ best friends are the maps, even in the times of Google Maps. We still love them, to have them around, to dream about our next destination. Not to mention the possibility of counting and tracking the number of countries that we have already visited, marking them with little country flags, and so on. All of us should have one of these in our living room to inspire us for the next travel every time we look at on it. We cannot wait to pin the new country anytime we are back at home after our travels.

Moleskin Traveller’s Journal

This is one of the most useful gifts I ever received from Dani. I love planning, I live my life based on lists, to-do’s, tasks, both online and offline too. This is the perfect journal for me that a traveller could ever own, it has chapters for short, medium and long travel plans, with cute stickers to pimp up your pages, and many useful information from list of capitals, to plugs, and so on. Not to mention the beautiful design.

Baibu Anti-theft Backpack

This bag seriously has everything, it can be used as a laptop bag or school bag and travel bag, too as it fits the most common on-board suitcase size criteria. It can store a 16inch laptop and has a USB charging port so it makes convenient to charge any of your device on the go. It has a special anti-theft design as well a so called anti-cut design. There are the boards in the two sides of backpack, which will be effective to prevent the thief to cut the backpack and steal any items from your bag. It comes in many different colours, just pick you most preferred one.

Travel Passport Wallet

Every traveller would need a proper passport wallet, which is made of super sturdy and durable fabric which is lightweight and waterproof, that gives the perfect combination for traveling. Our pick here looks very attractive which can be a great gift choice for men, women, friends and families. You can forget about having to hassle through multiple bags and wallets every time you need to use your passport, boarding pass, identification, or other personal document.

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