This travel series is called ‘a European tour’. Here you will find a complete road trip around Europe, the related countries that we passed on the go, and itineraries what to do in each place. Feel free to be inspired and create your own ‘European tour’!.

Bled Lake

What to do in Bled – A European tour. Part VI.

This article is about the top 10 activities what to do in Bled, Slovenia, and nearby. It includes practical information, transports, and price updates for 2021.   Bled is probably one of the easiest visits you can do in whole Europa. The town itself is not very interesting but its lake is one of the …

Villany Besides the Obvious

Villány, wines and cellars in South Hungary – A European tour. Part V.

To speak about visiting Villány and its wines and cellars is just a pleasure. I am a wine lover. Actually, once open a time I wrote a novel about wines and honestly, I never had tasted a Villány wine before. That could sound contradictory but it’s not. As a Spanish guy I never heart about Villány before being personally …