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This page collects our Ethiopian Travel Stories. Ethiopia, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is a landlocked country in the Horn of Africa. It shares borders with Eritrea and Djibouti to the north, Somaliland to the northeast, Somalia to the east, Kenya to the south, South Sudan to the west, and Sudan to the northwest.

Welcome to Ethiopia, a land of breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and vibrant cultures. Nestled in the heart of East Africa, this enchanting country offers an unforgettable travel experience for adventurers and culture enthusiasts alike. From the rugged peaks of the Simien Mountains to the ancient rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. Ethiopia boasts a diverse tapestry of natural wonders and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Immerse yourself in the bustling markets of Addis Ababa. Savor the flavors of traditional Ethiopian cuisine. And embark on thrilling wildlife safaris in the vast national parks. Get ready to discover the hidden gems and timeless treasures of Ethiopia. A land that captivates the soul at every turn.

As you might know our mission is to share something relevant, something authentic, something real, something cool, something interesting, something personal & something different, via our travel stories & images. We are focusing on ideas from local sources, giving tips that are usually unknown to travelers and foreigners. A guide to secret places which only the guy from the given neighborhood could know about, to the hidden picturesque view, with recommending everything besides the obvious: the local real feel, the adventure of discovering the unknown, the authenticity, culinary guide to the meals that locals are really cooking and eating at home, and much more. Hope you will read our Ethiopian Travel Stories, feel inspired and enjoy the journey, as much as we do!

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Enkutatash in Lalibela, Ethiopia. Dressed in white on the rocks.

Lalibela seems to be the end of the world. Probably is the best known spot all over Ethiopia, but once you reach that precious gem you got the feeling of being anyhow in the middle of nowhere. Probably that was exactly still Ethiopia, almost a decade ago, when I stepped the country for my first…