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¡Bienvenidos, viajeros! Regardless of whether we are sharing travel stories from all over the world, one country has a special place in our hearts: España! Therefore we have created a collection of all the amazing places that we had the chance to visit so far in the Peninsula Iberica. 

As you might know our mission is to share something relevant, something authentic, something real, something cool, something interesting, something personal & something different, via our travel stories & images. We are focusing on ideas from local sources, giving tips that are usually unknown to travelers and foreigners. A guide to secret places which only the guy from the given neighborhood could know about, to the hidden picturesque view, with recommending everything besides the obvious: the local real feel, the adventure of discovering the unknown, the authenticity, culinary guide to the meals that locals are really cooking and eating at home, and much more. Hope you will read our Spanish Travel Stories, feel inspired, and enjoy the journey, as much as we do! Feel free to search, use our map below, and enjoy the reading! ¡Olé! ¡Viva España!

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What is the capital of Spain?

The capital of Spain is Madrid.

When is the best season to visit Spain?

The summer in Spain can be extremely warm. The best season to visit Spain is spring and autumn. However, in the Canary Islands, the temperature is nice and very enjoyable all year long.

Which are the largest cities in Spain?

Spain’s ten largest cities are Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza, Malaga, Murcia, Palma, Las Palmas, and Bilbao.

Which are the most visited islands in Spain?

The most visited islands in Spain are Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, and Formentera (Balearic Islands) and Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, and Fuerteventura (from Canary Islands).

Which is Spain’s most famous wine region?

Spain’s most famous wine region is La Rioja.

What are the typical Spanish dishes?

Spain has many amazing dishes, its kitchen is worldwide famous and within the inner territories, there are differences in terms of recipes & ingredients. Some of the typical Spanish dishes are Paella Valenciana, Gazpacho, Fideuá, Patatas bravas, Tortilla de patatas, Jamón, Churros… etc. The list is endless.

Travel Stories from Spain

Comillas – The jewel of Cantabria

We had the chance to visit Comillas recently, during our trip on the Cantabrian coast. We could find many notable medieval and baroque buildings, as…

Canfranc Train Station

The Canfranc International Railway Station (Spanish: Estación Internacional de Canfranc) is a formerly international railway station in the village of Canfranc in the Spanish Pyrenees.


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