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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) or simply the Emirates, is a country in Western Asia (The Middle East). It is located at the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula and shares borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia while having maritime borders in the Persian Gulf with Qatar and Iran. Abu Dhabi is the nation’s capital, while Dubai, the most populous city, is an international hub.

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Useful information about the United Arab Emirates

What are the names of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates?

The names of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah

How many emirates are there in the United Arab Emirates?

There are 7 emirates in the United Arab Emirates. The names of the emirates are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah.

When is the best period of the year to visit the United Arab Emirates?

The best period for visiting the United Arab Emirates is from November to April. During the European summer, the temperatures in the country may be dire. 

Is there anything, in particular, I should avoid in the United Arab Emirates?

You should avoid public displays of affection in the United Arab Emirates. To show affection in public is not in the local culture and doing it actually breaks the law. You might be fined or even arrested.

Can I take pictures in the United Arab Emirates?

Yes. Nevertheless, according to the law, you should always ask for explicit permission to take a picture of someone or to share it on social media. You can’t take pictures in restricted areas or borders. If you doubt, better not to do it (or ask first and make sure you can).  

Travel Stories from UAE

Have you ever heard of the Snoopy Island?

Snoopy Island is located off the coast of Fujairah within a 2-hour-long drive from Dubai. This island is a rocky marine outcrop situated a hundred meters from the Sandy Beach Hotel at Al Aqah. Crystal clear waters and incredibly beautiful coral reefs are some of the reasons why this island is a popular hangout for…

Dubai Budget List

In this article we share activities that we can do in Dubai for free, and food and accommodation options for people who are travelling to Dubai on a budget.

The Museum of Islamic Civilization – Sharjah, UAE

We had the chance to visit this amazing Museum in August 2022. We spent there 4-5 hours, and hardly could finish the visit. So much information and so many things to understand about the Islamic Civilization, highly recommended.

Al Noor Island – The magical wonderland of Sharjah, UAE

As one of the main family attractions in Sharjah, Al Noor Island is known for its tropical biosphere filled with floating butterflies. But this lovely island offers much more to its visitors. So let’s see now the best things to do during a visit at Al Noor Island in Sharjah.

Dubai Bucket List – The top 30 places we visited in 1 week

We have spent one week in Dubai during the summer of 2022. A week is sufficient time to visit most of the attractions that Dubai can offer to the tourists. So, you can absolutely rely on this article if you want to understand what the must-see sights of Dubai are. Now you can discover Dubai…

A tourist visit to Al Ain

A tourist visit to Al Ain is always a good plan, for expats, locals and regular foreign tourists. This is still an Oasis in the desert.

The Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi – Let’s visit Qasr Al Watan!

The first place we decided to visit in the UAE was the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, Qasr Al Watan. Qasr Al Watan is more than a palace. As they say: “It is a unique testament to the spirit of the United Arab Emirates’ people and its leaders. The Palace invites the world to share…