This article is the continuation of the famous ‘Where to eat Ramen in Barcelona?’ post. You can take a look on that list, and review the first 5+1 ramen places we have already shortlisted.

These lists are not in order of any preference, we are still facing internal debate between ourselves too, which is actually the best, but for sure I would be very happy to return to any of the recommended places. And not to mention that there are so many other places to try too…

If you recommend any other ramen place in Barcelona, please share it in the comment section, we’ll go happily to taste and post it!! 😋

1. Ramen Kuma on Carrer de Sardenya. This place was a real surprise! We didn’t know about it, haven’t read any reviews upfront, nor heard any recommendations of this place. We had a visit at the Monumental and just randomly checked on the map, what is nearby. This is how we ended up at Ramen Kuma. The restaurant is big, well organized, with plenty of tables, both inside and outside, and with an open kitchen where you can observe how the chefs are working. Since we arrived for lunch, they offered their menú del día, which is surprisingly great, with many options with and without meat too. The service was fast, the staff was friendly and the food was really tasty. Net-net highly recommended!

2. Ramen House Barcelona in Sant Antoni, on Carrer de Villarroel. Tiny place, less designed, but the food is excellent with friendly waiters. It’s a perfect spot to have a ramen before or after a movie watched at Renoir.

Ramen Vegetal at Ramen House Barcelona

3. Ziqi on Av. de Mistral. It’s actually a ramen and sushi bar combined. With daily menu (menu del día) options with both for less than 10 euros, which is an extremely friendly price in Barcelona, especially if then you face the high-quality, the taste, the combination of ingredients. The place is not into interior design, not interested in providing a fancy menu, but the food is surprisingly excellent!!


4. Koku Kitchen Ramen on Carrer d’en Carabassa. They also have a second restaurant in Barcelona on Carrer del Comerç, which is called Koku Kitchen Ramen & Gyozaand they also serve Buns. We had the chance to tried they homemade Gyoza too at the Ramen bar on Carabassa, and it was amazing, freshly made, super delicious. So we definitely plan to visit their second restaurant too, very soon.

But let’s talk about the ramen. It’s perfect. For my taste is simply perfect. I tried the so called vegetarian picante, and it was made exactly the way I would desire a ramen to taste. They have two daily menu del día options with 3 euros difference, one is with Gyoza, salad, desert and bebida, the second is without Gyoza) and in both you can choose any kind of ramen from their selection. The whole menu del día could be vegetarian, if you desire. And the daily postre, OMG, it was supposed to be a simple tapioca pudding, but it tasted like a creamy coconut with fresh mango pieces!! Must have!! 😋

Koku Ramen

5. Muginoya Ramen, on Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla. This place came ad hoc, we were having a Sunday stroll in Grácia, on a colder December day, and after a glass of vermouth we just decided to eat something warm, and regardless we have discovered many outstanding ramen places before, we used this time our best friend (google) to check if there is any ramen restaurant nearby that we haven’t visited yet. Of course it listed at least 4-5 restaurants, and based on reviews and recommendations we just agreed to check this place. Regardless it was a Sunday afternoon, in the heart of Grácia, very few people were inside, so we comfortably could choose our preferred table, and as usually we do, ordered as a starter some Gyoza.

They don’t have a daily menu, but the prices are very friendly even a la carte. Their ramen selection is limited to 6 variants, and as usual I tried the vegetal option.

To be continued… 😋

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