Yes, we are all part of it. From whichever angle of this beautiful planet you are reading this article now, you are in some way influenced by the current situation. Maybe less, maybe more, but it reaches all of us. Suddenly we face the same reality, suddenly we are united more than ever regardless the borders are closed, or we are isolated in our houses.

We are locked down, working from home, trying to make out of our days the most we can do within the closed walls. Creativity and imagination have never been so valued in order to coop with the current reality.

Only after 4 days in quarantine you already see the situation differently. You already cleaned the flat, fixed the unworking things, organized your papers, repacked the shelves, separated the unused clothes, watched several episodes from your series, tried new recipes, finished the book…

And yes, we are the lucky ones, having a home, all the necessary goods that we need to survive for many weeks or even months ahead. We try to follow the everyday duties with discipline, the given work-related tasks or the ones we are creating for ourselves, preparing schedules, to-do-lists just to stay sane within these days. Just to give some sense for every single day.

The moment you wake up in the morning, knowing that you need to spend the entire day in the same house… you need to get up, you need to put yourself in order, you need to keep going, that’s the only way.

But we humans are not designed in a way just to look ahead for a single day, or for the quarantine period… no, we need to plan ahead, we need to think what’s after, we need to shape our future, we need to dream.

After reviewing several travel pictures in the past days, realizing how lucky we are that we had the chance to travel the world in the past without any real obstacles… and what now? What is next?  Should we give up on our plans? No!

We would like to engage our community to dream further and share with us your future desired travel destinations, where you would like to travel after it’s all over. Because it will be, it must be. And our beautiful planet will be still here to rediscover. So, which places are on your bucket-list?

“All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.” – Jack Kerouac

Dream on!

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