On a sunny day, when actually the forecast said rain for the whole day, we decided to go for a round trip into the Prades Mountains. The Prades Mountains, also known as Muntanyes de Prades, is a large calcareous mountain massif straddling the comarcas of Alt Camp, Baix Camp, Conca de Barberà, Garrigues and Priorat, in Catalonia. These mountains have characteristic large and rounded rocky outcrops. They are mostly heavily forested with oak and pine trees, and the non-native chestnut tree has adapted to the local forests.

Since it was super sunny – regardless of the forecast 😉 – we were visiting villages one after another. This territory is super picturesque, and after passing by La Mussara, La Febro, Capafonts, La Cadeneta, we arrived at the village of Farena.

Farena is actually a district of the municipality of Mont-ral (that we also visited after), at an altitude of about 610 meters. Currently, the village of Farena is practically uninhabited, especially in the winter. In summer, on the other hand, it becomes a super touristy town.

No wonder why, it looks like a real fairy tale! 😍

The village cannot be accessed by car. There are two parking areas at the entrance of the village where you are obliged to leave your vehicle. Afterward, you can walk around in the village freely, and due to its tiny size, it can be done perfectly within an hour.

How to arrive


    • Car: It’s a short distance from Tarragona, we can take either Autovía Tarragona-Lleida/A-27 and TV-7044 or C-14 and TV-7044. Both routes are approx. 45 km long. Be prepared for a lot of curves on the serpentine mountain roads.
    • Trekking: The Prades Mountains are popular among trekkers, and around Farena as well are many routes that are recommended to discover. Just take a look on the site of Wikiloc and enjoy the best walking route as per your taste.
What to see


    • The Romanesque church of Sant Andreu: it was built in the 12th century and has a very unique bell tower. The church is located on the highest peak of the village to oversee all the rural houses around.
    • Remains of the Farena castle:  there are only some walls visible of the old castle, but some elements of the disappeared castle are still well-preserved.
    • The historic center of Farena itself is amazing, with a group of super beautiful, authentic, rural, stone houses. All of them are surrounded by colorful flowers, so the best time is to visit is definitely late spring, early summer.

Since the Romanesque church of Sant Andreu is located on the highest peak of the village, we can oversee all the stunning rural houses around. Not to mention the beautiful medieval stairs, that are guiding us up there.

Where to stay


Due to the fact that Farena is really tiny, we can find only three accommodations – Casa Rural – within the village. But it’s also worth exploring in the neighboring villages for places to stay, and there as well the most common results will be also rural houses, and they are definitely worth visiting if we enjoy the authenticity and want to experience the real feel of these places.

In Farena, currently these are the options – to date June 2020:

Eat & drink


At present, we find 2 open restaurants in the village, they both serve traditional Catalan kitchen in a fusion with Mediterranean flavors:

Besides the Obvious favorite
Could you imagine a more romantic place, where you can get lost in the medieval scenery while admiring the contrast of the old stone walls and the vivid colorful flowers…?! 😍

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