Jandia Peninsula: the best things to do on the South of Fuerteventura

This is about the best things to do in Jandia Peninsula on Fuerteventura Island. Read here our complet article about Fuerteventura. Jandia Peninsula is deserted, still wild and completely amazing. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century when that area began to develop with some agriculture, livestock and salt mining. The first hotel opened its gate to customers in 1966. Currently now, Morro Jable is the main town in the whole island to book a room or rent an apartment. The widest offer on the island we can find there and there are options for all pockets and styles. Around its main avenue the traveller will find plenty of restaurants, shops and vivid nightlife. Nevertheless, from there, driving south to the extreme point of the Peninsula you will have the chance to get into the wild, deserted territory with one the best Ocean views and spectacular virgin (almost at least) beaches in the entire world that will make your experience unforgettable.

We will focus on the three best spots of Jandia Península according to our opinion:

1-Morro Jable

It doesn’t matter if you travel with family, partner or friends, Morro Jable is a good place for you.  Regardless of there is not a proper old town, they have built a nice cute kind of old centre where Barranco del Ciervo joints with the Ocean, near the port. There, you can find a good assortment of restaurants and cool bars along Avenida Tomás Grau Gurrea, on the Ocean front and an amazing beach.

Morro Jable from Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church

We can strongly recommend Saavedra Clavijo Restaurant for fish and seafood. We are not very much into repeating places since we like to taste different ones and to be able to compare but that one was that excellent and good value for our money that we went there twice.

The beach in Morro Jable, from the old town to Faro de Morro Jable, is very long and the town has been consequently lengthened along with many touristic apartment buildings that have subtracted part of its original character. Even though, for relaxing a bit and have a proper beach experience full with sun, good smooth waves and beach bars around is perfect.

Morro Jable

Since there are not many historic landmarks in Morro Jable we would recommend to climb up to the church, Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, which is quite new (1992) for being a church but the upper views from there to the town and the beach are awesome.

Morro Jable from Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church

2-Playa de Cofete

Playa de Cofete is at least 45 minutes’ drive on a dirty road. The road itself is really fun to drive along since the views on the Ocean on one side and the deserted landscape on the other are both amazing. It is perfectly possible to arrive there with a normal car even rented. Of course, when you will rent the car they may say that you need the very expensive full insurance to be able to do it otherwise the seven plagues of hell will come down to destroy your car. Just mind that the conditions of that road have preserved Cofete as it is, go carefully and you will get there safe.

You can reach halfway a great but very windy viewing point to admire the shoreline with its lonely awesome beach from the top of the hills. Stop there, no matter what, the views will be one of your best memories of all over the island.

Cofete Beach

After that, even on the bumps, to descend to Cofete continues to be a pleasure because of the panorama all along the path. There is not a proper village when you arrive there, just some illegal cabins and self-constructed houses next to a couple of restaurants and further down to the shore a parking lot. If you are hungry the restaurants there are very recommended and they prepare an exclusive very rich fish soup, only avaible there and in Jandia Lighthouse. It’s not cheap comparing with Morro Jable restaurants.

Don’t get disappointed once you arrive to the parking lot on the beach. There will be more cars besides yours anytime you visit the place, but the beach is so huge and long that you could choose a place for being almost alone. Meaning with that you will be able to zoom out with your camera and capture a completely empty beach. The mountains around are spectacular and the turquoise water is at perfect temperature almost for six mounts a year. The beach is quite sheltered from the strong wind so you could enjoy your sunbathing and having some nice waves to play with.

3-Faro de Punta Jandia

Faro de Punta Jandia is almost 40 minutes driving from Morro Jable. The road condition is a bit better comparing with Playa de Cofete road. The good news is that you can combine both destinations and spear part of your time driving along the first kilometres twice.

Punta Jandia Lighthouse

You will enjoy your way there. Again, the Ocean views are really outstanding. You can see birds on your way or even goats, like happened to us in our way to Playa de Cofete. Once you arrive you will find the nice surprise of spotting kind of an angler’s village with white houses and some restaurants close to the lighthouse. You can take a walk there and enjoy its narrow white streets and get into any of the local restaurants where you will catch up with a real local vibe mixed with some few tourists. There you can also eat the traditional fish soup for 20 euros per person.

The lighthouse itself is a historic building that started working in 1864 as part of a lightening plan for the Peninsula. It is so popular thanks to its views on the Peninsula that it is even possible to arrive by bus (same to Cofete Beach). If you drive your own car (or rented) you will be able to stop around and get close to the water mainly all over the path, reaching amazing isolated beaches. Does that sound good to you?

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