Besides the Obvious is today one year old. All started as a joke. Anna began to write alone and she was taking pictures randomly without revealing the real purpose. She finally published her first article on November 18, 2019.  Exactly one year ago. Around one month later, at Christmas, she told me – as a present – what she had been doing and asked me to join since she had always thought that would have been a common project. One year after, this is the firts year in the life of a blog, our blog.

The main purpose was to speak about travelling from a personal perspective and show especially those places less known worldwide or those spoiled ones from a different and more authentic perspective. It was an innocent target but the point was to enjoy the most out of it. We are not travel professionals – yet, we both have our own jobs and we are satisfied with our careers. She is an advertising creative professional and I am public library director and professor of audiovisual documentation for an on-line university. However, since travelling is our passion and indeed is important in our lives we decided to do it with a professional mind-set.

We collected more than twenty-two thousand own pictures and we edited and classified in an archive. We checked what the successful travel blogs do and we created – inspired by the best – our own information architecture and style. We designed a plan for social media and we started our presence on international photo banks.

One year after we are proud of our project and we have had a lot of fun out of our passion. Even during this black year for travelling because of the pandemic restrictions. We have received thousands of visitors from almost 100 countries – and still counting – and we have written 125 posts of inspiring travelling stories from all over the world.

We have still a lot to do. We have written only about 24 countries so far out of more than 80 we have already been to. Our plans for the future are to improve further our own image portfolio, and open our site to external contributors who want to share as well their trips and perspectives of some locations and activities. However what we really cannot wait to do is to travel freely again. Thank you very much for sharing your time with us.

Check out our top 10 most read articles:

Where Joe Biden spent his honeymoon – Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton was mentioned related to where Joe Biden spent his honeymoon. As being Hungarian, always fills my heart with joy and pride when someone mentions my home country or when I can read some nice reviews from other travelers about their experiences in Hungary. Not to mention if they decide to visit Lake Balaton…

Rice with what? – On the route of Spanish rice dishes

Let’s start with a basic fact. I’m originally coming from a country (Hungary), where people don’t really eat rice. Especially me. Nevertheless, I discovered the route of Spanish rice dishes. Yes, we can find rice there too, usually as a cheap side dish, but just imagine the most boring plain white rice, lacking any culinary…

Enkutatash in Lalibela, Ethiopia. Dressed in white on the rocks.

Lalibela seems to be the end of the world. Probably is the best known spot all over Ethiopia, but once you reach that precious gem you got the feeling of being anyhow in the middle of nowhere. Probably that was exactly still Ethiopia, almost a decade ago, when I stepped the country for my first…

Travel after Covid-19

Changes are coming. They have always been coming. What we need to see now is the scope that these will have to travel after Covid-19, the future predictions that we can make with the data we have and the odds on our hands when planning next trips. You can read here more thoughts about the…

Sofia, un viatge sense pares

Soc l’Emma, una nena de 8 anys i aquest és el meu primer viatge sense els meus pares, només amb el meu tiet i l’Anna. Ah! I també amb el meu germà Jan. Vam agafar un avió i vam anar cap a Sofia, Bulgaria. Durant el viatge vaig estar tota l’estona dormint. Quan vam arribar…

My favourite Liverpool

What were the places we visited when we went to this fantastic English city? Liverpool is a big city. It is the historic Beatles’ city. They are one of the city symbols and just at the airport, there is a good representation of their song Yellow Submarine.  So that city is a good place for music lovers. If…

Calatayud – Vuelta a España, a Spanish tour. Part I.

Anna:  I can´t recall if I was ever waiting for any other trip that much as this one. I moved to Spain just three months before, and regardless of having the chance to travel a couple of times to Spain in the past and visiting a couple of obvious places, still the real country, the…

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Sardinia Bucket List – Top 10 Unforgettable Places

Beyond the shores, Sardinia’s interior reveals a tapestry of ancient traditions, including the unique Nuragic civilization that left behind mysterious stone structures scattered across the island. Whether you seek relaxation on the sun-kissed beaches, exploration of historical marvels, or indulgence in the…

Ljubljana Bucket List – Ljubljana and Beyond: Exploring Slovenia’s Cultural Heart

Nestled between the emerald-green slopes of the Julian Alps and the serene waters of the Ljubljanica River, Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a city that effortlessly marries history with a vibrant contemporary spirit. Its picturesque Old Town, crowned by the iconic…

Maribor Bucket List – Unforgettable Experiences in Slovenia’s Vibrant City

As you traverse the cobbled streets of Maribor, you’ll uncover a tapestry of stories woven through its historic landmarks, from the iconic Lent District, home to the oldest grapevine in the world, to the medieval Maribor Castle overlooking the Drava River. This…

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