Ruta del Ferro to Sant Joan de les Abadesses: An electric scooter route

We went to the Pyrenees range and we designed an electric scooter route from Campdevànol to Sant Joan de les Abadesses. This route includes a piece of regular road from Campdevànol to Ripoll and a piece of a green path, a completly car-free lane from Ripoll to Sant Joan de les Abadesses or the other way around.

Is an electric scooter route possible on regular routes in Catalonia?

Certainly yes, and we decided to try that on the first weekend we could, after the new release of the most recent lockdown in this territory.

Itinerary of the electric scooter route Campdevànol – Sant Joan de les Abadesses

The whole itinerary is 13.7 kilometres. From Campdevànol to Ripoll is only a short path of 3,5 kilometres and the rest 10 kilometres you can do it on the “Via Verda – Ruta del Ferro” car-free lane. Notice that the route could be a bit long to return on the same day if your battery autonomy doesn´t last long. You can perfectly decide to start the route in Ripoll and skip the kilometres from Campdevànol to Ripoll.

 an electric scooter route to Sant Joan de les Abadesses

Road conditions

The road is in a good condition from Campdevànol to Ripoll. It is safer to go on the hard shoulder because it can be dense traffic during weekends on that road. From Ripoll to Campdevànol you can take Ruta del Ferro (The Iron Path) which is a via (green lane) you could use to walk, jogging, also for biking and it is perfect to use electric scooters too.

What is a via verda?

There are some car-free lanes called “vies verdes” in Catalonia. They are old train paths that are out of service today. The administration removed the tracks and fixed the path to connect villages this way and to promote ecological mobility and outdoor sports. You can have more information about “vies verdes” in the Pyrenees territory on the official website.

What to see on the route?


Might be the starting point. It is not the most interesting village of the area. However, it is a real village on the mountains, with real life, peasants and factories. Far from being set up for tourists. The services are concentrated near the Town Hall building. You can take a stroll and admire Freser River, which can seem a creek to you if you are used to wide rivers. We decided to start the route in Campdevànol because we found our accommodation there. If you decide to sleep in Ripoll, you can actually start the route from there.

electric scooter route Sant Joan de les Abadesses


Ripoll is a historical cosy town, with bars, restaurants and all the shops the visitor might need. The town is very important for the history and identity of Catalonia and Ripoll is also called the cradle of Catalonia. In Ripoll you should visit Monestir Santa Maria de Ripoll as a must. If you have some time you can check the Scriptorium, Fragua Palau, and Ripoll Ethnographic Museum. Don’t miss the opportunity of getting lost in Ripoll Old Town and have a drink in one of its terraces.

Read here our full review about Ripoll.

San Joan de les Abadesses

Sant Joan de les Abadesses is a nice village with important heritage. Arriving from Ripoll by El Camí del Ferro / Ruta del Ferro you enter in town crossing Ter River by the bridge. Before crossing, the panoramic views of the town from this side of the river are worth for pictures.

Once you enter immediately catch up with Sant Pol Church, from 12th Century. Currently, the building is only left in the chapel and the front, since the entire building body that joined the front and the rear part of the church has disappeared. It is possible to see the three absis arranged in a clover shape, which support the dome of the 18th century bell tower.

You can spot in town some other historic buildings such as Palau de la Abadia (Abbey Palace), which is a building dating back to the 14th century. After many uses and a long history of reconstruction and restoration is currently on use for exhibitions on various topics related to the culture and history of the town.

However, the most famous spot is the impressive female benedictine abbey called Monestir de Sant Joan de les Abadesses. This is probably the one you should not miss on a quick visit in this town. You can have more information on the official website.

Where to stay

We have stayed in Hotel La Sèquia Molinar in Campdevànol. Our opinion is that this is the clàssic example of an overpriced place. The hotel is not bad if it was cheaper but you receive a low value for your money. The rooms are small and the location in not ideal since it is in Campdevànol, so not in Ripoll, neither in any other more interesting location nearby. On the other hand, it provides free parking and all was clean.

Our recommendation is to check before your options in Ripoll since there are plenty of better accommodations there. You can save some money booking via our link. Check that!


How to get there?

By car

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By bus

  • Teisa: Line Barcelona – Ripoll – Camprodon
  • Autocars Mir: Line Ripoll – Baga and Line Ripoll – Llívia

By train

  • RENFE: Line R3 Barcelona – Ripoll – Puigderdà – La Tour de Querol

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By plane

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