Recently we had the chance to travel a bit in Catalonia, as for Easter break it was finally allowed to leave the counties. Of course, we immediately lived with the opportunity and made a little “vuelta” including Vall de Boí, Vall d’Aran, and some medieval remains of Lleida province, likeGuimerà as well. Guimerà is overall noted for its well-preserved medieval layout and limestone buildings, which are densely clustered together on the hillside, linked by narrow streets, stairways, and tunnels. Much of the town wall and several of its gates still remain, but the most interesting hidden gem there is definitely the Castle ofGuimerà.

Panorama of the hill with the watchtower and the parish church of Santa Maria on the top

The history ofGuimerà Castle

The Castle of Guimerà was built between the 10th and 11th centuries and originally was made to be a watchtower. The tower, which has been preserved, sits directly on a rock and reaches a height of twenty meters. This castle was also built during the Christian conquest and was an important bastion throughout the Middle Ages.

The castle was largely destroyed during a battle of the First Carlist War in 1835. Since 1984, large parts of the castle have undergone restoration. The castle’s restored watchtower is now open to the public. The watchtower has four platforms that are accessible from an internal staircase that leads up to a viewing point on the highest point to provide us with an outstanding panorama of the church of Santa Maria.

The castle of guimera
The parish church of Santa Maria

This parish church is dating from the 14th century and is the most notable extant building. Historically, it contained an elaborate altarpiece painted by Ramon de Mur in the early 15th century, but this artwork is now found in the Episcopal Museum of Vic. In 1940 a new altarpiece was created by the architect Josep Maria Jujol.

In 1975, the Spanish Government registered the historic center of Guimerà as a protected national monument, followed by its castle in 1988. The list of architectural heritage monuments maintained by the Generalitat of Catalonia (government) contains 24 structures in Guimerà village and municipality.

Where to stay aroundGuimerà?

There are not many options for accommodation in and around the village. Even though it is very interesting but definitely a small place, hence you could go on a morning from Lleida and back in the afternoon. So, if you want something strategic, we would recommend choosing Lleida to stay. If you want something more rural or specific you can dive into the offerings around. Save some money and book via our link at the lowest prices guaranteed: Get the best prices guaranteed booking via this link!

Our favourites are:

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Where to eat inGuimerà?

Due to the fact that local tourists are often coming to visit the village of Guimerá, there are several restaurants, bars, and bakeries in the village. Even though, currently, when we were there only 2 we found open:

How to get there?

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