In this article we will explain why travel to Spain is Covid-19 safe this summer 2021. Are you considering going for the best Mediterranean destination? Are you eager to enjoy wonderful beaches, amazing cultural heritage and the best gastronomy in Europe? Spain is your place. Just go, you will be on the safe side. Check here the best routes in Spain!

Digital Green Certificate

Nowadays to travel to Spain you need to show a PCR done in the last 48 hours before your arrival. Quarantine is not needed anymore. Regardless, all the last minute changing regulations, the country is ready for a clear and stable scenario for the summer. Spain is a tourism dependent country economy wise, and the summer tourist campaign is very important. That is the reason why Spain is supporting the rising up of the Digital Green Certificate.

This certificate is going to come to live soon and will be ready for summer. That means that if, by any chance, you have a valid vaccine you can go without any Covid-19 hassle or restriction. Many of the tourists will go vaccinated and the rhythm of vaccination in Spain is increasing. The Spanish government has promised that 70% of the population will be vaccinated in summer. 

Local restrictions and situation

The data in Spain is getting better and excepcional restrictions of civil rights approved by the parliament will be over next week on 9th of May. Therefore, it will be possible to move around Spanish territories, since the Spanish constitution recognizes this right expressly. Moreover, if by any chance any territory would not be safe enough according to the data, Spain is one of the quickest countries on locking down those territories (often even more than needed). Even though, general restrictions on mobility will be overall very unlikely. Moreover, the curfew will be over this 9th of May too.  

It is still mandatory to wear a mask on the street. That is true and could be a limiting point if you are one of those who can’t handle the mask. Unfortunately, this limitation is going to stay in summer in Spain and in many of the European countries. 

Bars and restaurants will be functioning all day long and recently the regional governments have released some limitations on the schedules. All will be ready to enjoy a good vacation.

Protocols and Certifications against COVID-19

All around the country the corporations have implemented some good practices in the management of the coronavirus with their workers and working systems, to provide clients and consumers the necessary guarantees to generate trust. for instance, AENOR, a certification organism, has created a Protocol Certification scheme against COVID-19. To get it, the companies pass an auditory to demonstrate to clients and employees that their working system is safe. As a tourist, you can have the guarantee that the products you touch and many of the services you receive are coronavirus free. 

Certifications for tourism trust on Hotels, Restaurants and Culture

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has launched the first global seal of safety and hygiene. Its goal is for travelers to recognize which governments and companies around the world have adopted global protocols so that consumers can travel safely. Trusted platform “Defeat COVID-19” with the UNE-ISO / PAS 45005 certification and with Protocols against COVID-19 is recognized in Spain and the local initiatives follow its recommendations. 

travel to Spain is Covid-19 safe

The Spanish Tourism Quality Institute (ICTE) has created the ‘Safe Tourism Certified’ as a guarantee that the hotels and some more accommodation providers distinguished with this certification have implemented a risk prevention system against COVID-19. This certification is provided in some forms for companies and institutions such as museums, travel agencies, restaurants and hotels. But it is not the only certification, in recent weeks similar initiatives have been announced at a global, regional and municipal level.

travel to Spain is Covid-19 safe

The certification system also stands out, since it is applicable to different sub sectors after being commissioned by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Especifically for tourism, Spain has created the distinctive ‘Safe Hospitality’, with some variants: ‘Safe restaurant’ and ‘Safe bar’, to recognize establishments that apply specific measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Among the requirements to achieve this, establishments must follow training on the measures to prevent contagion by COVID-19 included in the manual prepared by the technical committee, in coordination with the ICTE, and sign a responsible declaration of commitment to the compliance with the necessary cleaning, health and hygiene requirements.

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