Either if you are an expert in medieval villages or not, Montfalcó Murallat, the perfect medieval village will stun you. Montfalcó Murallat is authentic, real and unknown. Everybody likes Medieval villages and that makes them touristy and usually overcrowded. This is not happening in Montfalcó Murallat.

The village dates from 11th Century in the Romanesque period of the border fights between Cristhians and Muslims. All around Sió River, we can still spot many medieval defensive constructions that served to those fights. Actually, according to the village structure we can probably assume that Montfalcó Murallat was an ancient Arabic village before being conquested by the Spanish Cristhians.

As Montfalcó Murallat has no house outside the walls, we can say the village itself is a perfect asset to spot a real untouched medieval village, That naked appearence is the original medieval look of the village.

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How to arrive to Montfalcó Murallat, the perfect medieval village

Montfalcó Murallat is in the Lleida Province, Catalonia, Spain. It is close to Cervera, which is a town easily available via A-2 free-toll highway from Barcelona in 1h 30 minutes.

The best way to arrive to Montfalcó Murallat is by car.

What to see in the perfect medieval village  

Very few people, even among Catalans, know about this small gem. In the village, there are 15 houses, one square, the complete walls, a restaurant and a couple of rural accommodations where you can stay. Montfalcó has two real inhabitants currently in 2021.

The walls

Montfalcó Murallat is easy to spot from the road since the shape of the walls is recognizable. One of the best pictures you can take is from the narrow road that goes up to the village.

perfect medieval village

It is possible to take a stroll all around the walls taking Camí de Ronda, a short promenade that surrounds the perimeter from outside.

The gate

Once at the gate, you will find a right angle entry that ends up in the unique square of the village. That system of the right angle entry was very popular among the Arabic villages because of defensive reasons.

perfect medieval village

The square

The square of the village is cute and small. There you can spot an old water collector, the arches of some houses, the only restaurant in town and a complete set of stone houses.

The street   

If you decide to take a stroll, you won’t get lost. There is only one street that surrounds the whole village in circle. All is out of stone. Some of the houses seem abandoned but some others renovated. On the opposite side of the square you could spot a communal oven where the inhabitants used to bake their bread by shifts.

perfect medieval village

The church

There is a medieval church called Sant Pere de Montfalcó Murallat. The apse of the church is part of the walls, helping on the defensive structure. The church is currently closed to the public since is not used for ceremonies anymore. You have a chance of visiting it if you ask for the keys to the major, which is the restaurant’s owner.

perfect medieval village

Where to stay in Montfalcó Murallat

  • Cal Gomà: Amazing rural acommodation out of stone. It is a renovated ancient house of three floors with the old stabbles integrated in the house. It has 4 nice rooms with bathroom, kitchen and barbacue. The house provides a real table football game and table tennis game. They only rent the entire house for complete weekends. 690 Euros per weekend.
  • L’Era de Cal Gomà: The owners are the same and the house is newer and outside the medieval village. It is a bit more expensive but includes a cool private swimming-pool which might be very convinient in summer.

Where to eat in Montfalcó Murallat

  • Restaurant Montfalcó: The only restaurant in the village. The food is good and the menus are around 16 Euros the weekdays and 25 during weekends. The owner is the major of the village.

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