The castle of Sümeg is one of the most interesting fortresses in Hungary. Even though it is still under renovation it is open again for visitors. Some works are going on the inner building façades but it is possible to visit and enjoy the activities inside.  

Ready for visitors

The Sümeg castle is a quite well-preserved medieval fortress, built in the 1260’s on a hilltop to make the defense easier. The history of the castle as a military building continued until the war of independence, when it was set on fire in 1713. 

Since 1989, it has been under constant renovation and nowadays we can enjoy the entrance to a historically very diverse castle. It offers a complete program of activities and shows and it can be a great plan to introduce kids the European medieval history.  

If you plan to stick around some days it would be a great idea to visit as well Szigligeti Vár, the Balaton Catle.

How to get to the castle of Sümeg

You can get to the castle of Sümeg from Budapest by bus or train. There are some options and routes. The bus is the cheapest option (from 8 to 10 euros) but some bus changes may be needed. The journey can take more than 4 hours long. The train via Tapolca is also an option but it is not fast either (4 hours 30 minutes).  

The most convenient option to get to Sümeg is by car. The trip may be 2 hours long and you will be able to park for free at the bottom of the hill where the castle is located. If you don’t have in Hungary your own private car you can book it from here at the cheapest fare.

For a small group, you can order a direct transfer from Budapest city or directy from or to the airport.

What to expect from the castle of Sümeg

The castle is an icon itself since it is visible on the top of the hill from several angles from the town of Sümeg. You will need to walk ten minutes up to the hill or take a horse taxi to the top. From outside it seems the perfect well-preserved fortress but inside there is still some work going on. 

It is possible to visit some of the rooms and the old prison of the castle. If you want you will be able to walk along the walls and to admire the views of the very beautiful and green Hungarian landscape.

To learn a bit more you can watch an audiovisual documentary and read a lot of information on your visit, in Hungarian, German and English.

For kids it can be very funny since there are animals (goats, dunkeys, horses) around and people in medieval outfits. They can even enjoy more joining any of the performances and shows of the castle’s daily program.     

How much it cost to visit Sümeg castle

Unfortunately after the renovation the price increased. It is 1.500 HUF (5 euros) for adults and 800 HUF for kids in 2021. 

Where to stay around the castle of Sümeg?

Hungary is not an expensive country for accommodations, especially if you think about good value for your money. Around Sümeg there are options for all the budgets. Take a look at Booking!

Why to visit the castle of Sümeg?

  • It is one of the most interesting medieval castles in Hungary 
  • A nice café & bar inside the walls
  • You can learn a lot about European Medieval history
  • The perfect family plan, excellent for kids
  • They offer medieval performances and shows with animals
  • It is a cheap plan to fulfill a morning or an afternoon

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