What to do in Pézenas in one day? Pézenas captivates visitors with its history, culture, ancient architecture and great craftsmanship. Sculptors, potters, cabinetmakers, glassblowers and many others contribute to the rich heritage of the region. Nevertheless, the character who stands out in the history of the town is Molière.

  • Street market in Pezenas downtown. Pézenas in one day by Besides the Obvious
  • Place de la République, Pézenas, France. Pézenas in one day
  • Street market in Pezenas downtown. Pézenas in one day
  • Traditional street in Pézenas downtown. Pézenas in one day

Pézenas has as well an excellent gastronomy and it is also a starting point to discover the terroir wines Pézenas-Languedoc, Picpoul de Pinet and Faugères. This wealth is the legacy of the city’s glorious past. The town was the Capital of the States General of Languedoc in the 16th century. From that period are many of its sumptuous buildings.

Pézenas is a small city of about 9,000 inhabitants, located between Béziers and Montpellier, 20 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea. The well-kept pedestrianized historic center, its vivid lifestyle and its picturesque streets make it a must-see in the Herault region.

What to do in Pézenas in one day?

Definetely, in Pézezas you will not be bored. Just to take a stroll is a delight, but you can get more information ion this article about the best places to visit and what to do around.

Check here the best plans in Pézenas!

The historic center of Pézenas 

You can take a stroll through the picturesque center of this city of art and history, admire the sumptuous mansions and charming detours cobbled streets, and discover the many stalls run by local artisans.

  • Pézenas old town
  • Pézenas old town by Besides the Obvious
  • Pézenas old town by Besides the Obvious

Street Market: perfect for Pézenas in one day

On saturdays, there is a very vivid strett market with excellent products and a very beautiful set up. This is not only popular among tourist but as well into locals.

  • Street market in France
  • Street market in France
  • Street market in France

Vulliod Saint-Germain Museum: Molière Exhibition

This is a classic local museum. Vulliod Saint-Germain Museum was created out of the donation of a private collection of art and relevant ancient objects. There are also beautiful collections of Languedoc cabinets and various pieces of furniture. It has some local memories of the time of Molière in town.

Ancien palais consulaire

This is the old consular house that dates back to the 17th century. There, you can discover the work of artisans who create sculptures, jewelry, fashion accessories, tableware and decorative objects.

Theaters of Pézenas

  • The Illustrious Theater of Pézenas, with its two theaters and garden, as well as a theatrical program throughout the year. Here you can catch Molière’s vibe!
  • Théâtre de Verdure, a beautiful theater in Sans Souci Park. They often represent classics of Molière.  
  • Theater Pézenas, a real classic in town, with a nice garden for drinks and a cool atmosphere.

Hôtels particuliers – Residencial palaces

  • Lacoste Palace: This Palace hosts a beautiful rib-vaulted foyer, as well as a magnificent square staircase. 
  • Hôtel de Peyrat, whose tower is one of the most peculiar medieval vestiges of the fourteenth century. It is very close to many antique dealers’ shops.
  • Hôtel de Wicque, a gem of the XVI century. Its southern façade is a good representer of The Renaissance. 
  • Hôtel de Carrion-Nizas, a good neighbor for Hôtel de Wicque!

Verdun avenue

It seems a very regular avenue which connects the outskirts of the town with the center. Nevertheless, Verdun Avenue it has a good amount of antique shops.

How to get to Pézenas

  • Car: Highway A75 connects Pézenas to Paris and the A9 A just connects Pézenas with the whole of the South of France, from Spain to Italy.
  • Plane: The closest airports to Pézenas are Aéroport de Béziers Cap d’Agde, with Ryanair flights to Paris (Beauvais), UK, Germany and Sweden, and Aéroport de Montpellier Méditerranée, with some European destinations and both airports in Paris.
  • Train: The high speed TGV can arrive to Pézenas from Montpellier, Agde or Beziers.
  • Bus: It is possible to arrive to Pézenas from many destinations in Europe with Flixbus.

Where to stay in Pézenas

For Pézenas in one day (or more), you can find from exellent accommodations in historic buildings in the center. You can find as well very convenient cheap chain hotels in the surroundings. There are several options for all the budgets. With our widget you can check the options on Booking at the best price.

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