If you wonder what to do in Veszprém, you have arrived at the right site. The first thing you need to know is that Veszprém is a handball capital. Indeed, Veszprém is a very important town for worldwide handball but is much more than handball. 

Probably, you have planned to visit the town as a regular tourist and you can take the occasion to enjoy a handball match. Moreover, since Veszprém is a city that attracts many visitors out of the international handball competitions, maybe you are one of those that came to town with no idea about what to do in Veszprém. No worries, here you will get some solutions. 

  • what to do in Veszprém
  • what to do in Veszprém
  • what to do in Veszprém
  • what to do in Veszprém

Why to go to Veszprém

Veszprém is one of the oldest cities in Hungary. At the castle hill you will find the main places of interest to see in Veszprém. The town is known as the City of Queens since all the queens of Hungary were crowned in the Cathedral of St. Michael. Besides that in Veszprém happened the victory in 997 of István (first king of Hungary) against his relative Cupan (in Hungarian: Koppány) who tried to overthrow him. 

The current Veszprém is a small city, around 60,000 inhabitants. The distances are take-able for any visitor walking and it is full of bars and restaurants to enjoy memorable local  food. The city is 110 kilometers from Budapest. It is as well very close to Lake Balaton, a place to go during a trip through Hungary.

What to do in Veszprém

The historical center is exclusive for pedestrians. That makes the town very pleasant to walk through its streets while visiting its monuments. In addition, most of the places to see in Veszprém are very close to each other at walking distance. The essential places to visit in Veszprém are below these lines. If you prefer some organized options for you just take a look here to some odds from our partners at the best price.

Castle area

The old castle itself is not there anymore but to get into the ancient area where it was is a real jump back in time. You will enjoy the nice old buildings painted in white and well-combined with the light traditional colorful Hungarian patterns. 

  • what to do in Veszprém
  • what to do in Veszprém
  • what to do in Veszprém
  • what to do in Veszprém

The history is very present in Veszprém and you will be able to see the heritage of István and Gizella. There are a couple of breathtaking statues of them at an awesome view point.  The memory of their personalities still lives into the locals’ everyday lives, in the culture, buzzing through every breath of the city.

The Fire-watch Tower

In the old times the locals called it Barbacan. It is located on the highest point of the city Veszprém and this is the only remaining tower of the Castle from the Middle Ages. From the top the visitors can get very beautiful views of the City.

The Heroes’ Gate

It was inaugurated in 1939 and renovated in 2013. Visitors can admire its beautiful stained glass windows and take a look at the terraces around. Actually it is the entrance gate to the most remarkable part of the old town.


The town has completed a rehabilitation of the downtown as a pedestrian area and Kossuth Street has been renewed. The Hangvilla event and conference center has become since 2013 one of the most favorite places of the locals.

Street Music Festival

In July, the best musicians from different countries are invited each year to perform in Veszprém streets. The festival usually is four or five days long. Every evening of performance can last until the early hours of the morning. 

Laczkó Dezső Museum

The museum is a lesson of Hungarian history. It constains good collections relating to the Revolution and War of Independence in 1848/49, both World Wars and the revolution of 1956, as well as life in prison in a castle in the old times.

Handall experience

Veszprém Handball Team is lately the greatest Hungarian handball team in results. This is always one of the most strongest teams in international competitions too.

The Veszprém Arena was inaugurated in 2008. It has a total capacity of 5,096 spectators, expandable to 6,000 for events and performances such as concerts.

Where to stay in Veszprém

From romantic rooms in boutique hotels, to Villas or cozy pensions. In Veszprém like in the rest of the country the accommodations give the value for your money. We recomend to take a look on Booking.com for the best guaranted fares.

How to get to Veszprém

Since you can go from center to center, from Budapest the best option to get to Veszprém is definitely the train.

  • Train: From Budapest – Déli to Veszprém is 1 hour and 30 minutes and 5 euros per ticket in 2021. We recommend to book the tickets in advance with Trainline.
  • Bus: From Budapest Újbuda-központ to Veszprém with Volánbusz is two hours since does some stops on the way. You can expect to pay from 5 to 7 euros per ticket.
  • Private transfer: If you are looking for comfort and to safe time just take a look to a transfer. We recommend Kiwi Taxi for your transfers.
  • Car: To rent a car is not a bad options since you can visit some places around Veszprém next to Lake Balaton or Tapolca in the same cityscape. We recommend to book your car upfront on Rentalcars’ website. Since you can compare prices and choose the most convenient offer for you.

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