Maybe the most emblematic building of Visegrád which is commonly just referred as the medieval castle of Visegrád, and with this emphasising the cultural value of the respect-demanding complex peaking on the top of the Várhegy.

About the medieval castle of Visegrád

In every year, thousands of visitors goes to the medieval castle, the highest sight of Visegrád, which has an extraordinary view on the Danube Bend from its terrace and which hosts many exciting exhibitions – mainly about the Middle Ages. Visegrád was once a Roman stronghold and a popular haunt for Hungarian royalty in the 14th and 15th centuries. The Roman Citadel is still formidably well-preserved and the ruins of what was once Hungary’s most magnificent palace are now the site of the open air King Matthias Museum.

Danube Bend – Dunakanyar

This region is touristically very significant. The landscape and the river attracts a lot of visitors from abroad, homeland and from the capital – Budapest too!

Read our complete bucket list about Budapest here. One of the best things about Budapest is that it is surrounded by the most beautiful little towns and natural wonders. This is why there are so many great options for day trips from Budapest if you want to escape the city even for a few hours. The most important towns are Visegrád, Szentendre and Budapest, while on the other (left) bank of the river can be found VácNagymaros and some smaller towns, villages. The islands of the region are also interesting, mainly the large Szentendrei-sziget and Margaret Island (Margitsziget) within the capital city.

Yet, why most visitors of Visegrád know and really adore the Citadel is the panorama from the top. From the peak of the mountain, you get a view on the city and the Danube Bend that you will never forget for the rest of your life for sure. And if you have been here before, you just have to walk out to the terrace of the Citadel to be gripped by the unforgettable experience again.

The present-day U-shaped loop is probably the result of an eruption of the volcano stretching over the whole area some 15 million years ago. The caldera of Keserűs Hill-volcano, with the associated lava dome formed a later eroded central in the north. The river follows the southern edge of this caldera.

Entry fees

The castle itself is not free and you have to pay 1700HUF for the entrance. There are discounts for seniors and students as well. In the castle, you can find various exhibitions such as armoury and hunting equipment. You can also pose with medieval clothes or try archery.

  • Adult: 1.700 HUF
  • Student/Pensioner: 850 HUF
  • Free: Under 6 years and above 70 years

How to get to Visegrád

By train

The best way to reach Visegrád is by taking a train from Budapest’s Nyugati train station. The ride is approximately 45 minutes long. The trains leave quite frequently, you can check out the timetable or even book a ticket here.

By car

The best thing about the Danube Bend that there are so many nice things to see. What we would recommend is a short round trip starting from Budapest as follows – you can find beatiful views on the river around all of these towns:

Where to stay around Visegrád

There are so many nice places around the Danube Bend that you will be surprised that for how low budget how great quality you can get here. Take a look on our favourites that we booked around – or choose our search bar below for discount prices.

In Esztergom: Danubia Apartman

In Szentendre: Mathias Rex Apartman

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